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This was a request made by a very special friend of mine :) ♥
“Okay class, we have a new student joining us today,” Mr. Murray announced as we all rushed into the class. “Quiet down class,” he said as we took our seats. Brea and Cheyenne took a seat near the front of the class, but I sat near the back. I hated having the teacher’s eyes on me as I sat there quietly.

“This is Adriane; he is a transfer student from England. Please make him feel welcome,” our teacher continued. He directed Adriane to a seat in the back, which just happened to be the seat next to mine.

“Taylor,” he called and I nodded, “Would you mind showing Adriane around for the next couple of days?” he asked, “Sure, why not,” I mumbled as Adriane took his seat.

“Hi, I’m Adriane,” he whispered in his accent as the teacher begun class. I sighed, his accent sent chills up my spine. “I know that, and I’m Taylor, but I guess you already knew that,” I whispered back quickly, afraid that if I took too long, my voice would sound funny.

He laughed quietly as if he could tell that I was shocked by how thick his accent was and turned towards the teacher who was giving a lecture on Atoms. I turned to face the front but was distracted by the glares that Brea and Cheyenne were giving me. “You’re lucky” they both mouthed to me as I locked eyes with them.

“Shut up,” I mouthed back and they giggle to themselves and turned around. I took my iPod out of my pocket and turned on my music. “Diamonds aren’t forever by Bring me the Horizon” came on and all I saw was Mr. Murray’s lips moving to Screamo. I laughed to myself quietly and then turned up the volume.

After class ended, Adriane showed me his schedule. I was shocked to see that he was in every single one of my classes. “So where are we off to?” he asked clapping his hands together. I looked at his with disbelief that his accent could be so strong. I just pointed and he said, “Onward my minions!” I laughed and tagged along on his walk towards the battle.

We walked quite a ways up the hall before I was pulling his by the collar of his shirt into the next classroom that he missed by about 3 meters. “Oh,” he said as we sat down in the back. I laughed and turned on my iPod once again, not wanting to get lost in the boring lecture about ancient history.

Pretty soon it was time for lunch, and Adriane wanted to show me the way, so I let him lead. I laughed as he turned down the wrong hallway which led us right back to our first class. “But I was sure that if I turned this way, I would…” he began but I cut him off by saying, “Come on Einstein, lunch is this way,” and pulled him in the opposite direction.

We got to the Cafeteria in a longer time than I’d hoped. We lined up for food, but of course I wasn’t hungry, so I bought him food. “Where do I sit?” he asked his eyes huge and filled with fright. His accent never failed to make my heart skip a beat. “You will sit with Brea, Cheyenne and I,” I said leading him towards the table where my best friends were sitting.

“Hey,” I said as I slumped into my chair and placed the tray on the table. They didn’t even reply because they were too focused on Adriane taking his seat right beside me. “Hello ladies,” he said as he dug in to his lunch. I had to kick Brea in the shin because she was still in shock.

“Hello Adriane,” she said covering her mouth and then giggling like a five year old. I hated how she got around guys. It was so immature, but Cheyenne was no different, then again she was a junior, so it was appropriate. “Hi, I’m Cheyenne,” she said reaching her hand over to Adriane who was simply amused by my expression.

He shook her hand and said, “It’s very nice to meet you,” before taking another bite of his pasta. I just sat there tracing the cracks and scratches in the tables as Brea and Cheyenne continuously talked about the episode of Gossip Girl that was on last night.

I fail to understand why they like it so much. “So what do you do here for fun?” Adriane asked with a crooked smile on his face. “I can think of a few things,” I said mocking his tone of voice. “Come on,” I whispered and he nodded. “I guess I’ll see you after school then?” I said, not waiting to hear their answers.

I was taking Adriane to the most visited places in our school. Though I hadn’t been there very often, it was a very popular place for the cheerleaders and Jocks to spend their time. “The Janitor’s Closet,” Adriane read as I opened the door and walked in. He followed and shut the door behind him.

“What on earth do we do here?” he asked sarcastically as he approached. I shrugged and said, “I honestly don’t know.” He smiled and leaned forward. His lips met mine and it was pure bliss. His hands fell to my waist, pulling me closer to him as my hands found purchase in his auburn shaggy hair.

“Do you,” I began but was cut off by Adriane’s lips on mine again. “Think that this was meant to be?” I said as he trailed his kisses down my neck until he found my sweet spot. He nibbled it making me groan. He pressed me up against the wall and I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“Maybe,” he whispered as he brought his lips back up to mine. The bell rang, ruining our moment. “Come on,” I said, “We have another class to go to,” and winked. I opened the door, but was pulled back by a strong grip on my arm. “Please, couldn’t we just be a little late?” Adriane asked pulling me into his arms. “Of course,” I replied pressing my lips to his.

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