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A story about a dream. The type of dream that opens eyes and scares the hell out of you.
I remember a dream that I had, back maybe 8 years ago. Probably more. Maybe much less.

  I was sitting on a bed, across from a girl. It was just some girl I knew, a girl I went to class with, talked with, conversed about government, music, the playground, Marxism with. A nice girl. But no one I especially connected with, no one I felt anything big for.

  A girl. And we sat across from each other on these beds. The beds had tan slips, and tan pillows, we were surrounded by tan walls, tan windows, giving us a full view to a tan environment, speckled by a bright blue, a garish blue, the blue of the sky. The floor was all dark, black almost, but not quite pitch, mostly just dark, as was the ceiling above our heads. A low ceiling, right above the door, three feet off our heads, keeping us in. I remember all of this tan and darkness, and I remember this girl, sitting on her bed, with her white teeth sparkling. More than that, I remember that she was wearing blue. All blue. Her shirt, shoes, pants, all blue. And it was a blue I'd never seen before. It wasn't the same blue as the sky, it was deeper, brighter, more hauntingly, wholly, blue. It was the same blue as her eyes. It was new. In her eyes It was brilliant, deep, but it was clear. Like a pearl, or some sort of jewel. Her eyes were jewels. .

  I liked it. I'll admit I was scared for a bit, with all this darkness, and tan, and gray. But then there was her, and us, shining blue everywhere, her clear blue eyes taking everything in, like all the light in the world falling into them. I really liked it.

  And I saw her hair. But it wasn't the golden-blonde that I remember. It kept changing. At once it was pink and short, flowing and auburn, scarlet and curly, straight, pitch-black, shaved. It kept changing. Color, length, texture, light, everything. It changed faster and faster. One hue would barely have time to present itself, when it was slashed away, or dyed, or burnt, and destroyed. And I remember staring into her blue eyes, reaching out my right hand, and grabbing her hair. And I remember pulling. Pulling hard. I thought, if I pulled hard enough, if I didn't let go, it would stop changing. So I kept on grabbing her hair, and pulling it to me.

  And she kept smiling. And shining. All in blue. And her hair kept changing. So I kept pulling.

  And then I remember her reaching out, and touching my hand. She set her two jewel-eyes on me, and she stared into my eyes. And that was it.
And I remember waking up and crying.
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