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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Erotica · #1656175
The sexual adventure continues
As Josaphine and I lay there naked all covered in pudding and cake, I wondered about how we get this sticky mess cleaned off of us. I was sure she had packed something, just in case. I could feel the pudding hardening against my skin. I thought that Josaphine must be getting uncomfortable the way she was covered with all that stuff. She suddenly sat up as if she had a plan and said, "How far back do you think that stream is?" I answered, "A few miles maybe, at the bottom of the mountains, why?" She replied, " We are going swimming, let go." We got to our feet, brushed off what pieces of cake and stuff we could, threw on some clothing, loaded the stuff into the truck, and headed back down the mountain.

I thought about the stream as we drove, wondering if it was private enough to be skinny dipping in. But as the uncomfortable feeling increased I cared less about it being private and more about getting clean. I could see Josaphine fidgeting around in her seat, knowing she was thinking the same thing. As we approached the valley with the stream I looked for a place to pull off the road, maybe a small spot close to the stream and private enough to jump in. Josaphine spotted a small dirt road that followed along the bank of the stream. We followed it back several hundred feet, enough to be clear of the road. We stopped, and I don't believe I have ever seen Josaphine move that fast, whether it was the uncomfortableness or the draw to that inviting stream. She was naked again and in the water in record time. She really was one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen. I watched her splash around for a minute before that uncomfortable feeling returned to me. I was feeling the draw to the water and the cleansing feeling about to cover me.

As I entered the water I noticed the water browning with chocolate pudding and pieces of cup cake floating away. I laugh and think "I hope the fish enjoy that dessert as much as I did." I swam up behind Josaphine who is now in a shallower spot cleaning the remaining mess from her body and gently kissed her on the neck. She giggled a bit and turned around showing me her freshly cleaned breast. They are near perfect in size and shape with the sweetest nipples you could want in your mouth. She took my hand and pulled me toward her. We kissed as my other hand explored her body. I moved my kissing down onto her breast where the chocolate taste had been replaced by fresh spring water. The hardness of her nipples filled my mouth and her moaning sang with the babbling of the stream. She splashed water on my back and chest, cleaning them, not wanting to explore to deeply in the water to find my excitement.

Suddenly, there was a load splash from around the bend in the stream, we paused to listen and realized we could hear people laughing. I would have thought that would have been enough to send Josaphine running but I guess the outdoors had a hold of her. She said lets go take a peek before we leave. So we carefully swam down to the bend and found cover under some logs and tall grass that lay out in the stream. What we discovered was another couple enjoying the stream like we where. They must have arrived just before us because they where not yet completely naked. We found a low spot in the logs that hid us from their view. Josaphine whispered lets see what happens. I have always wanted to watch another couple make love and the thought of this was incredible.

As we watched the other couple we could tell they were lost in each other and in the moment and had no idea anyone was around. They were about the same age as us and I am guessing just as adventurous. She was already topless and had beautiful tits, and the swim suit bottom did not cover much when she was out of the water. He must have worked out a lot, his arms where firm and his chest and abs solid. He could lift her with little effort it seemed. I could tell Josaphine was admiring him by the way she kept rubbing my arms and chest. We watched them as they caressed each other and wondered how long it would be before they would be one with nature. Finally his hands found their way to her swim suit bottom and with a quick pull of the strings, it fell to the ground exposing her firm, well tanned ass cheeks. As she turned to rub against him, I could see her completely, she was clean, well maintained and very attractive.

Her long hair partially covered her breast as she pushed back against him. As his hands found their way back onto them and he caressed her I found myself imagining her nipples in my mouth tasting her sweetness. I looked over at Josaphine to find her entranced in the moment. As I ran my hand over her breast I found the excitement in her nipples. I gentle caressed her as I moved into a similar position in the water. Josaphine's hands found their way onto my hardness and she whispered "Look what I found, I guess you like what you see also." I replied with a gentle moan in her ear, "Two beautiful woman, of course I do." I thought to myself if we were not in water her hands would be covered with my juices. My other hand found its way down onto her and gently rubbed. She whispered "Easy now, wait for them."

Our attention returned to them to find she had turned back around and was working on his shorts. As she moved away from him we could see his excitement for her bulging in his shorts. She slowly ran her hands around the band and down into his shorts. He gasped deeply as she squeezed him and gently stroked him. Her hands returned to the band of the shorts and she slowly lowered them exposing his manhood. Josaphine gasped deeply at the site of his hardness. I whispered in her ear now, "See something you like?" She replied with," I wonder if she would share?" I paused for a moment to ponder the thought of her over there with them and replied with, "We will save that adventure for another day." I pulled her into me and felt my hardness rub against her soft lips. My fingers made their way to her clitoris and I could feel myself throbbing against her.

We embraced in deep kissing when Josaphine said "watch her." I returned my focus to the couple and find she is now on her knees with every inch of him inside her mouth. Her one hand wrapped around him as he plunges deep inside her and one hand firmly squeezing his balls. I suddenly feel Josaphine stroking me at the same pace as her. I throb in envy as I watch her lick the very tip, cleaning the juices and then turn over onto her elbows. We watched as he get behind her and enter her, she moaned freely as he went deeper into her. Josaphine then pushed me deep into her wetness, I felt her holding back her pleasure so not to scream out. The babbling of the stream covered her soft moans as I drive deeper into her. We watch the couple at full steam now, bodies sweating from the passion. Her full breast bouncing as he rides himself up into her. I wanted them up against my face, tasting her in my mouth. I caressed Josaphine breast as I went deep, I could feel the explosion starting to build inside me. Josaphine's moans quicken as she watched him and I could feel her pleasure building also. The couple's pleasure carried over to us as we listened to them. Their moment was upon them and we where able to also share it as we watched him drive the final thrust into her and our excitement spilled freely from us.

Softly, we all gasp for air. The couple fell to the ground and lay next to each other as we try and gather ourselves before we quietly swam out and back to our clothes. We kissed as we gather our clothes and get dressed. And as we loaded the remaining items into the truck and started to drive away Angelina turned to me and says," Can we go swimming again?"
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