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A girl Named Carla who has a guy Best friend Bryan. He loves her, but she doesn't know,yet
The truth is, I’ve always loved you Carla,” he said. Then he leaned in for the kiss. His lips were just inches away from mine when...


My alarm clock rang, without stopping. I hit it once. I hit it twice. I gave up and threw it against the wall and laughed as it shattered into a million pieces. It was Monday. I sat up in my bed and took the braid out of my hair.

I put my glasses on and tore the blankets off my roasting body. Even though I had fallen asleep in a tank and shorts, I was still burning up.

I stretched to my feet then reached up to the ceiling before walking over to my mirror and brushing my hair out.

I turned on the radio that is on my dresser to my favourite station. Love drunk by Boys like Girls was playing. It is my favourite song so I picked up my brush, and sang into it like a microphone. I jumped onto my bed and sang my heart out.

I used to be love drunk

But now I’m hung-over

Love is forever

Forever is over

Then I heard my mom knocking on the door. “Carla! Turn off your damn stereo! I’m trying to center myself!” she yelled. “Center myself my ass mom!” and I turned up the music. I sat down on the seat in front of my mirror and was deciding what to do with my hair today.

I began to put it into little trial hairstyles, I could put it up in a bun, let it hang down, a French braid. Then I ran into the bathroom and grabbed the hair scissors. I combed my hair in front of my face and cut out some bangs. Then I grabbed my hair straightener and straightened my hair.

I spritzed some of my perfume into the air, and walked right through it. Then I took off my tank, replacing it with the long sleeved t-shirt with a pendant that said BAC on it.

Yeah, I went to a uniform school. But the way we wear them, they shouldn’t be called uniforms. I put on my navy blue knee high socks and returned to that seat in front of the mirror. I began to apply my make-up.

I was the crazy, dramatic one at my school. I loved to take risks and never took no for an answer. I went back to my nightstand, where my alarm clock should have been, to check the time but then I remembered I smashed it against the wall so I ran upstairs.

I put two Ego waffles in the toaster and turned on the news. There was a robbery at the bank and a young woman was murdered by her famous husband, well that’s nothing new.

My waffles popped and I put them on a plate, smothered them in syrup and took out a fork. I ate them, but others might say I just inhaled them.

I checked the time. 7:15! I was going to miss my bus. I ran downstairs, packed up my books, and cleared my bed from the late night study session I had had late last night.

I grabbed my coat and slipped on my black ballet flats. I ran to my bus stop just in time to see in coming around the corner at the end of the street.

The girls were already there, Jessica and Bethany. We have been taking the bus together since Elementary school. I wasn’t really excited to be going back to school, until I realised that I would be spending time with Bryan. I turned around in a complete circle.

I noticed that Bryan hadn’t shown up for the bus. I guess he missed it; his mom would probably drive him in later.

So I hopped onto the bus and sat down with my best friend Megan. Let’s just say, there were sound effects coming from her mouth.

She was snoring up a storm. I shook her awake quickly. She looked at me and gasped. “Carla! What on earth did you do to your hair!?” she exclaimed. “I trimmed it a little. You like?” I said showing off my new bangs, creating the allusion of a camera.

“Trimmed it a little?! Carla! You cut yourself some bangs....randomly I might add!” she said. “Well yeah I mean, so what if I cut myself some bangs... it’s my hair right?” I replied getting more than a little pissed off.

“Whatever,” she said, before turning back towards the window and falling asleep once again. I grabbed my bag off from the ground between my legs where I had placed it and searched for my compact. I checked out my hair in the little mirror.

It doesn’t look that bad does it? I mean, I just trimmed it in the front. Who cares what Megan thinks? She never does anything drastic like this. She needs to learn how to live on the edge a little. Then the bus picked up a couple of hot guys. The only open seats were towards the back, which meant that they had to pass me first.

So I dropped my compact into the isle. I watched as the first hot guy glanced down at it, and then reached down for it.

He leaned in so close to my face and said in a whisper, “Is this yours?” “Uh yeah, it must have fallen out of my bag. Thanks.” I said nervously. He winked at me before standing back up straight. “Nice hair,” he said, before continuing his walk towards the seats in the back.

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