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A girl who's always new doesnt know who she is

Every year I go through this
Every year I'm new
Every year I’m standing here
Being stared at as if put on view

I’m starting a new me
I’m starting a new place
What will I be like here?
What will show on my face?

I could be a preppy girl
Popular and feared
I could be a gothic girl
Black, chained and teared

I could join the Key club
Or ask about a rave
I could be a drama-geek
Or sit on the bored steps all day

What will I do with myself?
What is really me?
I’m peppy and exciting
I’m never really mean

I like to wear bright colors
And do good but still dance
I want to be on stage
But I’d feel like I’m in only underpants….

Will someone ever approach me?
Will have a place at lunch?
Will I ever make a friend?
Will I shine bright here one day?

Every year I go through this
Every year I’m new
Every year I’m stared at
And feel like I’ve been put up to view

I could create a new person with myself
But who is really me?
I guess that’s the joy of being new
Learning who to be.
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