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Basically this short story is about a girl trying to hide her sexuality.

Gabby always knew that she was different and she always felt left out.  Everyone was into the same things and she was not intrested. She felt alone most times but what made her happy was all the times she hanged out with her friend Patrice.  Patrice and Gabby were inseparble so much that the children at their school stated calling them names like" Lesbos".  They ignored them at first until an incident occured.  Patrice and Gabby would  study at Gabby 'shouse every Friday night in her room.  One particular Friday night they decided not to study and chat, the topic came up about the name calling at school. They both denied that they were Lesbians but they still wanted to experiment. Each of them never had their first kissed so they "practiced" on each other.  It was awkward at first but every Friday night was less studying and more and more "practicing" ; until one day Gabby's mother walked in on them.  Gabby's mother paniced and called Patrice mother immediately and told her what she had just saw. Their mother's were so distraught that they did not know how to approach their daughters so they confided with friends. It so happened that the word got around and eventually it got to the school.  Everyone at their school was so disgusted with them even though they called them "Lesbos" in the beginning. Patrice and Gabby were extremely upset they stopped hanging out with each other.  They both lied about the incident but unfourtunately noone believed them.  Patrice could not take it any more, she transferred to a different school.  Gabby could not ,she had to stay there and face the horrow.  Eventually Gabby could not take it anymore because she was getting pressured both from her mom and her school mates.  So she eventually got a boyfriend hoping the talk would stop.  Luckly for her it did; but Gabby was unhappy, not only was she missing Patrice she finally came to the  realization that she was really a Lesbian.  Her boyfriend was a typical boy with only one thing on his mind.  The topic of sex would always come up but she tryed her best to ignore it but it did not last for long.  They eventually got intimate and Gabby was so disgusted by the experience she broke up with her boyfriend.  She continued living her life and she finally made friends at her school; but Gabby hated it there because all the children spoke about was how many boys they had slept with.  The conversations eventually reached to the membors of staff. They then required that each child that was sexuality active got an H.I.V test.  So they did and Gabby was one of them.  Unfourtnately for Gabby she tested positive.  She could not believe it she was so happy with Patrice and forced herself to be with a boy so that the talking with stop and she got tested positive. Gabby eventually gave up and commited sucided.

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