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A girl with a secret that she wants to tell.
                                                                  The Blade

Her body was filled with scars, she could not stop, it was like a drug to her. No friends, isolated herself from everone, she made the blade her best friend.  No one knew, it was her little secret.  Her favourite part was watching the blood flow down her arms, legs and stomach. She was so alone, she tryed to convinced herself everyday that nothing was wrong. She always wore long sleeved clothing, no one could know about her little secret. Unfourtunately her scars was not her only secret, she have been a victim of incest, her viginity was taken from her by her uncle. He threaten her, she blamed herself, she used the blade to punish herself. 

How long could she keep punishing herself, how long could she keep it a secret?

The scars started becoming visible, she cut herself in different places especially her neck.  She was finally ready to give her secreat away.  Her scars were reconised, she got help; but she was still sad and still isolated herself.  Ashamed of her scars, everyone stared.  Yes she was getting help, but she could not stop.  A comment would be made, she would pretend to ignore it, but it bothered her; it bothered her so much that she would go back to the blade.

How can this girl stop?

She wanted to stop; but the memoary of her viginity being taken from her and all the comments and looks she got she could ,it actually worsened.  Twenty one years and still a victim of self multilation.  What was this girl going to do ?

She eventually got determined and she stopped making the blade her best friend.

Finally happiness came, no more secrets, Isolation was not in her dictionary any longer.  She could now speak  about it without that feeling of embarrassment or fear.  Helping others now with the same secret she once had and she could now look at her scars and smile cause they saved her life.
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