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A man who finds what he's longed for, by following a typical path.
The sky grew darker with the clouds cutting off the sun's rays over the mountainside.
I drove my Harley into the night, against all odds, against upcoming harsh conditions,
Where am I going? Why am I doing this?

Sunnyside Way, Markeet Island
11:47pm, Friday June 14th, 2010

I've been living on the island of Markeet for only a few months now, haven't explored the area much. From what
I have seen riding my Harley there's no major roads, just one major two-way road travelling around the island; it takes nearly 2 hours to get all the way around, believe me I've tried it...several times....there's not much to explore.

I awoke from an all-day nap this evening....because I saw a vision.
As I was driving along the path, a mysterious cliffside manor appeared out of nowhere from the thick of the fog.
Keep in mind this is still in my vision. I remember also looking closely at this place, to see a figure standing at the edge of the cliff looking out over the ocean. Her head turns to reveal...

I awoke from my dream...baffled by the realism of it all. I knew I had to find this girl...there was something about her that radiated...a sense of invitation...a sense of welcome...a feeling I haven't felt in years.

As I rode into the night, the sky closed up as the darkness rolled over my head,
I immediately switched on my headlights as I drove along the cliffside....hoping to find the mysterious manor from my dream...and the girl that occupied it.

I noticed a fog beginning to roll in from the south, as it appeared to consume the world around me in thick greyscale.
My headlights barely reached out two feet in front of me; what if a car was coming westbound and struck me head on?
I turned on my lowlights so I could see the ground, to make sure I was still on the path and not flying over the edge at 150 kilometers an hour. That's when I heard the voice.


Her face clouded my thoughts, as I made a sharp turn towards the cliff. I crashed my bike, and was sent flying backwards onto the street.

"Argh...my head", I said to myself, as I rose to my feet, bruised from the crash.

I looked around, holding my head, and all I could see was fog. It felt as though it was closing in on me, floating closer, becoming suffocating, clouding every oriface of my being....consuming me. I felt my breath escape me, as I began to choke on the cloudy air whose only mission was to prove a worthy opponent in my search for the maiden by the bay.

I covered my face from the approaching fog, until suddenly through the cracks between my fingers, the fog lifted slowly.
As the fog disappeared back into the clouds, I looked ahead of me, as what lay in front of me was my destination; the cliffside manor. I looked to the left and right of me before crossing the street, like a toddler on his way to school. I approached the wooden steps, but stopped to take a look at the house itself.

Painted in a fresh coating of white and periwinkle, it looked as beautiful as a wedding dress. Something about the house just made me feel so relaxed, so calm...the smell of vanilla filled the air which added to its perfection.

I walked up the painted steps towards the door which appeared to be left ajar. I knocked on the door, before it creaked itself open.

"Freaky...but okay".

I took one step inside the house, and as I imagined it was just as beautiful inside as it was outside.

Marble covered the floors of the house and front staircase, while paintings as beautiful as Picassos' famous pieces covered the walls; and this was only the entrance of the house.

"Is anybody home? You left your door open."

The walls echoed with my voice, as it replayed an eerier echo back to me....the house lay dead silent.

I decided to give myself a personal tour, seeing as how I already took a step inside uninvited.

As I entered the living room, which was connected with the kitchen, I felt a chill roll down my spine...something told me I shouldn't be in here. Creepy shadows blanketed the walls, and several pieces of furniture, including the loveseat couch, and the old 40s television which sat in a sleep mode. The kitchen utensils hanging above the stove, dishwasher and sink, left creepy, unearthly shadows upon the wood panelled floor by the door leading to the backyard. I felt a cold breeze softly caress my back, as if it were urging me in the direction of the back door.

I opened the door, which made a creaking noise, louder than anything else in the house; never have I felt completely alone in all my life until I heard that door creak...I jumped at the thought of the beasts of the night creeping from the shadows of this apparent abandoned home to corner me, and scare me half to death until I had to leave. The mental image was etched into my head, until I saw a flash of the woman from my dream.

I began to remember more details about the girl: she had long, straight silver hair which flowed with the wind. She had crystal blue eyes which lit up in the moonlight, and she wore a white dress which in the moonlight made her glow as if she was a goddess.

I snapped back out of my thoughts, as I noticed I took two steps into the backyard. Perfect green grass lay before me, flowing in the wind, with several sunflowers and daisies grown. I lifted my head, as I saw the edge of the cliff, and the spot where I saw the maiden in my dream.

I took a deep breath, and began to walk out to the cliff edge. The wind blew lightly tonight, kind of like the calm before the storm...

I looked over the edge to see the jagged rocks and crashing waves below, and up above me in the sky the moonlight lit up, its size and glow unlike anything I've seen before. I held my hands on my hips, amazed by the sight...no one could ever dream up a night as perfect as this, or a moon as glowing and noticeable as the one that hung before me.

There was just one thing that was missing from this perfect night...

The girl....

I felt a warm, comforting vibe surround my waist, as I looked down to see white arms hug me around my waist.

"AHHH!", I jumped in place, as I landed facing the other direction,

but no one was there....

It made no sense....I saw arms around my waist....I felt a loving embrace....where did it come from?

I turned back around and looked into the moon....hoping the answer would come to me in another vision.

In a split second, I went from staring into the moon, to staring at a ceiling fan spinning round and round.

I was laying in my bed, sheets had been tossed unorganized around the bed as if two dogs were rolling and wrestling on my bed.

I rose from my pillow, and rubbed my eyes...it had all been a dream.

But how? I felt myself get into that crash...I smelled the aura of vanilla in the air around the house,
I saw the beauty of it all....and to top it off....I felt a loving embrace by a faceless, bodiless entity of my imagination.

Was that it? Was I looking for my perfect world? And did I want to find my love?

I looked out my window, and to my amazement my Harley was gone from my driveway.

I always park my Harley in the driveway where I can see it from my window...

did I really go out last night? and if so....how did I end up back here again?

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