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The reason for my username on WDC.
Sisco Loves WDC

Why Did You Do It?

Why did I choose my user name "siscok" and my reduced handle "Sisco" on WDC?

Many years ago, I had an idea for a novel.  The story was about a young man joining an intelligence agency and being the main character in a series of books.  I have done surveillance and intelligence work, and the employees seemed to get younger every day. (Maybe I was getting older.) *Smile*

My original idea was for the "Sisco Kid."  A young teen with a very advanced intelligence - completing a degree by the age of fourteen and being recruited by MI5.
But alas, Spy kids and a whole collection of cloned stories had put an end to such an idea for me.

SISCO ~ Surveillance, Intelligence & Special Covert Operations.  This was a name I had thought up many moons ago, and I wanted to keep it.  I had Sisco agent Kevin, AKA the Sisco Kid (I remember the name "The Cisco Kid" as an old western desperado.)  So, after deciding to scrap the idea for the novel, I could not get all of the plots and ideas I had in my mind to cease!

"Sisco K, Sisco K, Sisco K," kept running through my everyday thoughts!  Then I had "K" for Kilo in the NATO phonetic alphabet forcing its way into an already overstimulated imagination.  Agent Kilo was born, and my mind took some much needed rest! *Bigsmile*

I searched the WWW to find something to help me write a novel.  I found yWriter5 (Free software to write books ~ Link is on my blog) and began to write every chance I got, just to get the ideas out of my cramped head...

Then I searched for a site to help me with the grammar and technical sides of writing. I ended up here and had all my expectations blown away!

I wanted a name that I would not want to change in the future.  As SISCO is my first ever attempt at being a novelist, it will stay with me for the rest of my days. And Agent Kilo, K for short, is my first ever main character.

Sisco K (siscok) the user name, is now proudly displayed. *Smile*

Sisco White Tiger

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