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A young mum is tired, and having doubts about how her partner feels... will she find out?
This is just a sample opening paragraph.

[Wordcount: 219]

Casting Stones

Maureen rubbed her eyes, hearing her baby crying.

"Alright, I'm awake." she groaned. She slipped on her glasses and

looked at the clock beside her. 6:30.

Maureen groaned again, "Didn't want me to sleep then?" she asked her, knowing that her

daughter wouldn't answer.

She made her daughter some bread and butter, then cut it into soldiers.

She slipped on her slippers, walking through the living room to where her daughter sat, watching the

sports on television. Trixie was an odd child, even at her young age. She wasn't interested in most cartoons, and always watched football with intense interest.

Maureen sighed, thinking back to her discussion with her fiance the previous night.

Whether he meant it or not, he had slipped out that he doesn't love her.

She wasn't sure how he feels anymore. He never tells her that he loves her. And now the slip up has put more doubts

in her mind.

"You don't love me!" Maureen had exclaimed.

"If you believe that- then you are a fool." he replied bitterly.

"Garbage. I know what I heard." she shot back. Tears stung her eyes as she tried not to cry.

Tears gathering in the corner of her eyes once more, she blinked them away.

"At least I know he doesn't cheat." she whispered, mostly to herself.

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