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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Hobby/Craft · #1657286
About a talented young lady who wanted to live are dream,but facing a lot of difficulties.
PLOT ACCOUNT                                                                                          ELLA                                                                                   

Once upon a time there was a teenage girl who loved dancing and playing basketball. She pursued hr dreams but she was loosing her brilliancy for her studies. One day she comes home from school showing her dad her result and he yelled at her that she is granded. And must concentrate more on her studies, telling her to stop dancing nor her playing basketball again. And her father went ahead to cease all her tapes, record collections, radio, deck and even destroyed her basketball court. She cried and fell ill, her mother knowing this, quietly walks into her daughter’s room to console her and Ella shouts at her mother asking her to get out of her room, her mother walks out in fear. Ella decided finally to get serious. She forgot all about basketball and dancing which she was so involved in. And suddenly she became the brilliant girl her dad wanted her to be. Ella  comes back from school seeing a note on the table, written by her father, giving the address of the hospital where he was; she grabs her jacket and leaves for the hospital.                                                                                                                                                                  Ella in the hospital was informed that her mother had cancer and it is chronic.Ella walks up to her father in distress, hitting him and asking him why he never told her. Her father says he is just getting the news and he is as surprised as she is. The doctor walks up to them saying Ella’s mum knew she was sick because she came for a check-up and he is sure she tried to hide it from them, Ella puts her head down and weeps. Ella later gets a chance to speak to her dying mother, her mother being enable to move, makes a sentence.          After three days Ella’s mum was buried and Ella was at home for fifteen days, before she could get over her mums death.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Ella was being mocked at school especially by students in her class. Ella saw a guy at the school hall way, a student in that same school, one year ahead of Ella. But Ella had never noticed him till recently and she had a crush on him, she watched his every move and later fell in love with him. While Ella couldn’t take her eyes off him, she accidentally stepped on the prettiest rich girl’s (Betty) feet, Ella immediately apologies for her deed. But the rich girl was disgusted and gave her a slap. Ella found no offense. Later during that day at lunch time, Ella finds a seat with the tray of food in her hands, as she begins to eat, Betty walks up to her, with a friend cheering her “go Betty go Betty” and suddenly Betty smashes the plate of  food on Ella’s face, everyone around stared, laughing and mocking Ella. Ella was ashamed so she runs out of there into the basketball court, sitting at a corner and crying she suddenly remembers what her mother said before she died, “you can still leave your dream”. Ella gets inspired, pulls her self together and begins to play again, dancing along with the rhythm of the ball against the floor and displaying skill. A girl (flora), who had wanted to talk to Ella, saw her playing and knew she could play, walked away without Ella knowing.

Flora is a student like Ella and she is also facing a similar problem at school, is used to the situation already.

Flora walks up to Ella the next day in the school library while Ella is studying, Flora introduces herself to Ella and they became quick friends. Flora talks to Ella about what she saw yesterday at the basketball court. Ella tries to deny it, but didn’t convince Flora; Flora tells her she could introduce her to the basketball team (as if she had any connections), Ella disagrees, trying to leave when Flora grabs her by the hand, running towards the basketball court, not telling her where they were going. Fortunately for Flora and unfortunately for Ella, Flora finds the basketball team playing. Flora makes an announcement no one pays attention. Ella get upset and as she takes her leave, Flora gets the attention of the basketball team when she screams and announces about Ella as a good player, everyone laughs when the leader of the team passes the ball to Ella inviting to play so they could mock her. Ella shoots the ball from where she stands, which was a three point, making everyone very amazed and she was challenged with the best team player. Ella dribbles and wins while coach Charley was watching her good moves and skill. Coach Charley tells Ella to be part of the team everyone agrees. Coach Charley tells Ella to go home and get ready; cause tomorrow is a big day at practice. Ella and Flora runs out of there basketball court, they jumped, laughed and hugged each other.

Betty threw a party which Ella and found their way into by sneaking into the party. Betty had a crush on the hockey guy who Ella also liked and he was also invited to the party. But Betty played with his feeling. Ella came to the party all dressed up in a purple blouse with a short pleated skirt and she was beautifully made up. Ella took the opportunity to know Brian well at the party. Ella had a little conversation with Brian and Brian fell in love with her. She had a dance with Brian and later on Brian took her home. Ella and Flora were lucky that Betty didn’t see them in her party, because she was having sex with Eugene at the party. 

The next day Flora asked Ella what went down between Ella and Brian, Ella said nothing but Flora insisted and Ella said she got to him better and there was nothing so special about him. (They put off the television and light to sleep).

Ella played with the team on many occasions and the team became a wining team. Soon and soon Ella became lively and popular in her school which made her happy. Flora on the other hand wants to join the cheer leading squad and she did but she got a lot of discouragement from the girls in the cheer leading group. She gave it all her best, and soon became the best. The girls in the squad now liked her, that they couldn’t do anything without her. They were always looking for Flora, either to give her the hottest gist or to invite her to a party. Flora could now stand up to anyone.

Ella had so many disagreements with her coach. One day at practice Ella had another disagreement with Charley, which was serious she told him about the positions everyone should maintain, but this time Coach Charley disapproves and yells at her, telling that if she cannot compel with him then she could leave the team(not meaning what he says.) Ella leaves .Later that day Brian comes to visit Ella, (Brian knocks at the door), Ella opens telling him she is not in the mood to see anyone, Brian insist and she invites him in. Ella father (Gary) sees Brian and goes out. Brian shows Ella the gift he bought for her, Ella being happy receives it. They chatted, laughed and drank when Brian kissed Ella and she redraws then give in.

Ella resumes school the next morning. She sees Flora and tells her everything that had happened between her and Coach Charley, and that she might be joining her in the cheer leading squad, Flora gives Ella a go ahead. Ella also tells Flora what happened between her and Brian at her house. (They giggled as they walked together). Ella meets with the leader of the cheer leading squad, Cindy. Cindy invites her for an interview.                      Three days later Ella gets dress for the interview. She was asked by Cindy and others superiors of the squad to display skill and she did it well [the reason was because she was also a good dancer]. Ella was now a cheerleader in no time. While Ella was in that group all the boys in the cheer group liked her. Ella cheered so well that she was high ranked. The squad obviously went for so many competitions and won the trophy.

After twenty-five days of leaving the basketball team the coach goes to visit Ella at her house. Charley tells her how much they needed her and missed he. He also confesses that she was right all along and he was wrong and that he wanted her back to the team, he gives her a hug. Ella lived her dreams and she was very happy with her live and father. Betty was no longer given so much attention, and everyone seems to despise her by each passing day. Ella was what she wanted to be, be the brilliant girl at school as a basketball player and she was also happy that she got a taste and feel of what it was like to be in the cheer leading squad. And also having the three people she loved so much by her side supporting her, her father, Flora and her boyfriend (Brian).
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1657286