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by Me
Rated: · Script/Play · Comedy · #1657841
This play is about the Typical Trinidadian Macco
Trinidad Macco

Molly... The neighbourhood Macco

Pasty..... Molly;s friend

Betty... The neighbour

Yvonne.... The neighbour friend

Beverly.... The neighbourhood 'whore'

Betty...... Look, look, look at she

Yvonne..... who, who is that you talking about girl

Betty.... who you think i talking bout Yvonne,molly!

Yvonne...... Oh lord who business she mining now

Betty...... Beverly nah, who else

Betty... come and see, she peeping out she window breaking she neck to see what beverly doing

Betty.... Oh lord, what she doing now, where she going

Yvonne... Girl you cah see or what, she coming here

Betty..... Quick, quick leh we move from the window

Molly walks over in a hurry by Betty

Molly........... Betty (in a high pitch voice) u there

Betty.....(grunting) Yes neighbour come in girl

Molly..... How u going girl ' A A' Yvonne u here too

Yvonne.... ( with a fake smile on her face replies) Yes

Molly.... Anyway alluh no i doh mind no body buiness eh but alluh aint see the man Beverly had over last night

Betty.... Oh gosh she have ah new man again who is this one now Tuesday

Yvonne.... Alluh good yes the woman happy if i had her looks and her body i wudda be doing the same thing

Betty..... Yvonne what stupidness u talking about girl

Yvonne.... how ur mean everyone is entilted to be happy

Molly... Yes but oh gosh not a man everyday

Molly...... look again she watering the plants in a poom poom shots, i doh understand Beverly yes

Molly...... But alluh, nothing nothing

Yvonne... Doh start that eh Molly

Molly... ok, ok, But I doh mind nobody buisness eh, i hear that Beverly, she Wednesday man is a married man with two children.

Betty and Yvonne.. What!

Molly.... Yes he working Wasa and he married to a fat woman who ha two children for he

Betty..... But Molly how u know that, Ihought u said You doh mind Nobody buisness

Molly..... But I dont, I does hear things like everone else

Yvonne and Betty..... Yeah Molly

Betty..... Molly stop looking out the window, what u ahve with the woman

Molly.... (with perfect diction) I am actually watching the scenery...

Yvonne......What scenery, ur mean ur watching Berverly hoping to see a next man walk through she gate

Molly... Steups look Yvonne i doh have time to mind anybody business

Betty... oh shit alluh look Beverly coming

Yvonne.... Molly how come you aint miss that

Molly.... Ah hope she talk about the married man, oooo im all ears

Beverly walks over

Beverly..... ( In a very pompus manner) Betty

Molly..... Come inside darling

Betty and Yvonne..... ( talking among themselves quitely) But like she living here

Betty.... Hi Bev how u going girl

Beverly.... Girl ah doh no nah

Molly.... What you mean ur doh no, what really going with you

Beverly..... Molly why you so intrested in my life

Beverly..... Doh think I doh see u when meh man and them come over eh

Molly.... which one Bev, Mon, or Friday or the famous Married one

Beverly....... Molly are u serious, I now no Why they is call u the Neibourhood macco

Yvonne....Wha neibourhood macco u talking abouta


Betty.... Hello, no no no not in my house, i doh want no comess in here

Betty.....Go out side and do that

Yvonne...... But i doh understand since wen u doh like comess, u is ms. comess she self

Betty.... Wha you calling me comess and You calling Molly d Trinidad Macco

Betty...... when you is be watching outside my window watching Molly every move

Molly and Beverly sits quitely listening to the drama

Yvonne....WHAT.....But wait..... its jus today you call me to see out the same window you talking about to see what Molly doing.

Molly...... Is that so and alluh want to call me MACCO

Betty..... But ur is a dam MACCO wee.

Yvonne.... Look pot calling kettle black

Betty..... Look pot calling Kettle Black, u should know u always peeping

Molly ..... Here what i gone im not able with alluh nah Goodbye

Molly walks out the door....

Betty.... Yvonne is bess u leave too yes u is real trouble

Beverly...... ( grunting) all of alluh and ah talking hard for Molly to hear too

Beverly..... All of alluh is blasted Macco's, always mining sombody business and i am always the topic of the dam disscussion.

Beverly... And alluh want to say Pot calling Kettle black

Beverly... Alluh never hear about people in glass houses should not throw stones

Beverly.... look i not able with this shit i gone

Beverly walks out the door grunting

Betty.... Yvonne what you still doing here get ur ass out meh house

Yvonne..... Betty You see you, you dangerous i staying away from this neibourhood

Yvonne walks out the door talking to her self

Betty.... (Says to herself ) Oh what a day, not a next time

Betty cleaning the house and looks out the window and see Molly Maccoing yet again

Betty..... (Says to her self) I doh mind nobody business but look at what Molly doing now...

The end

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