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by yams
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This is what i wrote about in 6th grade, now im bring it to writing.com!
It was a night to remember. I was of course a Yams at the main camp. We were fighting off the Wibbies so the night went on forever. Wibbies were smart but they are mentally weird. So they go off biting people and hug them. The Yams had many, many weapons. We had mustard to distract the Wibbies, hot cheetos to attract a Wippy and to distract the Wibbys. The Wippies are relatives from the Wibbys; they have 400 eyes (with glasses) and are 50 feet tall, and like to eat Wibbies. They are allies to the Yams. Now to get to the battle.
“Here they come,” I said with my sword in a case on my back. NOTE: I am the original Yams. The Wibbys came marching in from the trees. I noticed that most of them had dark evil wings, but the first one had a huge sword and a bow and arrows on his back. I knew this Wibby was the real first one of all time.
“Angriff!” yelled the real Wibby in German (Wibbys can speak in German.) Then he came sprinting down the hill followed by the other Wibbies with the evil wings and flew into the air. I gripped my sword, and pulled it out of its case. My team got out their bows and started to fire in the air. I jumped off the rock to the meadow, my sword in one hand and a hot cheeto in the other. I started sprinting as fast as I could. The real Wibby wasn’t backed up by others. It was just him and me. I threw the hot cheeto; he stopped to pick it up and ate it. I jumped and slashed my sword at him, but he was too fast. He dodged to the side and came at me. We met swords with a clang of light. The ground rumbled when our swords hit. I ducked and swung at his legs. I made a small gash of blood. But it healed right away.
“What are you?” I asked, surprised.
“I bathed in the river Styx. I have the curse of Achilles!” he replied. Then he swung his sword down at me. I rolled sideways. When I came up he hit me on the butt of his sword on my head, I flew backwards and came up again. I looked at him in disgust, and he disappeared and came behind me. I had little time to deflect his attack; he slashed at me and created a huge gash in my side.
“AHHH!” I yelled. The last I saw was that Wibby was smiling evilly. And I guess I passed out.

I woke up in the meadow in the foggy morning. At first I thought it was only a dream; then I saw that my main camp was totally destroyed. I was the only survivor. The pain in my side where Wibby slashed at me was extreme.
“Ahhhh…” I coughed out blood and stained the grass with it. I was drenched in blood on the side where my huge gash was.
“AHHHHH!!!” I screamed. I now realized that I was going to die out here. I saw some wood nymphs in the trees.
“Help… help… HELP!” They ignored me as I was suffering. I coughed out more blood. I tried to stand but I staggered to the side and fell back down.
“Gotta… keep… trying…” I coughed out to myself. I forced myself to stand and walked slowly to the wood nymphs. Step by step I coughed more blood as I looked down at the grass. It started to rain as I stumbled towards the trees. The nymphs finally stopped ignoring me when I fell. They came out of the trees to help me in the rain.
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