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by LASinn
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1658101
Flash Fiction contest entry, cheating husband will pay
Contest entry less than 300 words including the words cloud, waterfall, and crystal

Katherine stood in her bedroom looking in the full length mirror. Her dress was perfect, concealing and revealing all the right places. The silk shimmered in a gossamer cloud around her legs. Her hair fell full and rich in a blonde waterfall around her shoulders. The only thing that worried her was the shoes. The high spiky black heels looked dangerous, more like weapons than footwear.

After she fastened her necklace on, she strapped the gun to her thigh. If all else failed she could stab the cheating liar with her shoe, but she doubted if shooting him would be difficult at all.

It all started with an earring. One little crystal earring found in his clothes while doing the wash. She had to stare at its tiny glimmering surface for what seemed like hours before she would finally let comprehension wash over her. All the late work nights and the business trips were revealed for what they were. Horror and shame filled her. Anger finally won the battle inside her, and she seethed, betrayed. She hid it well.

They were even going out to celebrate his “promotion” tonight, and all along she knew it was an invention to placate her into submission for his long nights. He would be sorry. For days she had been planning this, festering in her own revulsion of him. He would die tonight and she would have her revenge. No one crossed her like that and didn’t pay.

Two weeks later, as she was cleaning out her husband’s things and deciding what to sell, she happened upon a large jeweler’s box. Inside it was one crystal earring and a bracelet. The inscription on the bracelet read “To My Loving Wife Katherine”.

word count 289
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