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A typical Sports Day at school.
                                                                    Sports Day

It was the annual sports day again, everyone excited as usual.  Three streams G,L and M.  Kimberly, Kerry,Lee, Stephanie, Sparkle,jesse and Britney were some of the students of the G team on the cheerleading squard and the March past.  The entire G stream practiced everyday especially the cheerleaders.  Cheerleading practice was always exciting to look forward to, mostly everyday we practiced Kerry would always come up with a knew idea. Typical teenaged girls they always disagreed with everything.  There were more arguing than practicing.  The other streams L and M practiced every free time they got, the G stream saw their moves and they heard there cheers, it got them a little worried, they were finished with everything and still they could not decide on anything.  Kerry got tired of the constant arguing and said they should all meet in the park where she lives to practice because they would be more forcused.  It worked and they finally got it together and looked amazing, they basically had the march past left and that was easy to them, they did not need much practicing for that.  The L stream and the M stream were always curious about  the G's cheerleading moves, they did not show off their moves like the other streams,  so the day before sports they practiced in the school hall and they finally got a chance to see what moves they had. They were ecstatic, their  moves were so original and the match past was looking excellent and of course the other streams were envious of them especially with their cheerleading moves.  Their smiles practically vanished when they saw their moves, kerry would constantly say " the G stream is winning for sure"

The big day was here, sports day. All the streams looked nicely dressed in their uniforms, especially the G stream,  they were the tigers and they looked like one too.  The other streams were nervous but the tigers were not, they knew that they were going to win everything, the G stream always won sports day.  They practiced marching and cheerleading one more time before the big moment.  Again the other streams we scared, they had a right to,  the tigers were looking good.  Finally the moment they had all been waiting for was here.  The march past was first. They were looking good, good until one of our cheerleaders said the command, everyone on the march past were confused, some marched off and some stayed.  The other streams went after  the tigers and they looked great, at that point the tables turned, the tigers were now nervous.  While waiting for the results the captain of the cheerleading team Kerry was so angry she was grunting, actually the entire march past were grunting except Britney and sparkle.  They knew that they had already lost to the other teams with the march past so they were dancing to the music that was playing. Britney was not worried because she knew that they had the cheerleading in the bag.  The results were out and of course the G stream lost but they knew that they were not going to lose the cheerleading.

It was time, it was time for the biggest moment in sports day, it was time for the cheerleading competition.  The tirgers were up first.  They started off with the cheer and then they showed off their moves. What went wrong, they did not know. One of the moves was throwing up the smallest cheerleader in the air which was Jessie, she never went so high in practice before.  When they threw her up they were amazed by how high she went they forgot to catch her and she landed on Stephanie's head.  When the cheer was over they sat and watched the other teams cheer.  They were great especially the L stream the were really great, Kerry was nervous,she was the captain and the team knew that winning meant everything to her.  The results were in, the judges asked the onlookers who they thought were the won and who they thought lost.  Of course the onlookers shouted that the G stream lost.  The judge went on the mike and replyed that they were correct, the G stream lost, the M stream came second and L stream won.

The team was so upset that they all left the sports early; but while they were packing to leave they heard negative comments from the other streams. This got them even more upset and they stormed out the Stadium where the sports was held.  Jamie who was not even part of sports but was a part of the G stream turned to the other streams and replied " it does not matter who won today because the G stream is GREAT."
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