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Who’s having plastic surgery at Chandigarh, India……….
Who’s having plastic surgery……….

Your friends and neighbors have got it done and you thought they came back from a holiday refreshed!

These days, it’s not just the rich and famous who are choosing to enhance their appearance surgically. Last year more than 5000 Chandigarh residents opted for cosmetic plastic surgery ranging from rejuvenation to liposuction and breast alterations. That number includes both males and females and encompasses nearly all ages, races and geographic areas. Moreover about 215 NRIs and foereigners visited Chandigarh for what is now called Medical Tourism. Cosmetic plastic surgery in Chandigarh has increased a whopping 153 percent in the past 3 years inspite of the depression in economy.

“Cosmetic surgery has certainly become more popular,” says Bakhtiar Ahmed, MD, India Health Abroad, a Dallas based medical tourism company. “More patients are having cosmetic surgery, because they believe it is acceptable to want to enhance their appearance.”

In a recent telephonic survey of 7000 Chandigarh residents with annual family income over Rs 2500,000, conducted by Dr Bhatti’s centre, many  reported having a more favorable attitude toward cosmetic surgery than they did just 5 years ago, with most people approving of aesthetic surgery for themselves or others.

Cosmetic surgery also has become affordable for more people. A good economy has played a role, along with the availability of patient financing programs. Several other factors spurred the cosmetic surgery boom, including surgical advances and an aging population.

All ages do it

Many older adults are choosing cosmetic surgery to keep a youthful appearance. Seniors age 65 and older make up one of the fastest-growing segments of the population having cosmetic surgery. In the USA for instance, In 1998, they had 90,911 cosmetic procedures, a 113 percent increase from the 42, 597 reported in 1996, according to ASPRS statistics. And seniors are not the only age group having more aesthetic surgery than before. There were 242,247 cosmetic procedures reported for the 51-64 age bracket by ASPRS members in 1998, a 47 percent jump since the first baby boomers turned 50 in 1996.

People 50 and older account for one-third of the total cosmetic procedures performed in Chandigarh. The age group getting the most cosmetic surgery, however, remains the 35-to 50-years olds, who have 41percent of all cosmetic procedures.

Improved safety also has increased demand for cosmetic surgery. “Advancements in surgical techniques, equipment and anesthesia have made many cosmetic procedures, more desirable,” Dr. Bhatti says. “Procedure like liposuction have been refined, so that surgical result are better and there are fewer potential problems during and after surgery.”

Both sexes do it

Liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery among both men and women. Last year 368 liposuctions were performed in Chandigarh to remove unwanted fat deposits from specific areas of the body.

After liposuction, the cosmetic procedures performed most often in females last one year were breast augmentation (implants), eyelid surgery, facelift and chemical peel. Although women represent nine of every 10 cosmetic surgery patients, the number of men having cosmetic procedures rose 80%t since 1992. For males, the top cosmetic procedures after were hair transplantation, liposuction, eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, breast reduction and facelift.

When grouped bye age, the statistics show that breast augmentation was the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in patients under age 35. Eyelid surgery was the top procedure among those over50.

According to our phone survey looking into public attitudes on plastic surgery, Punjabi residents of the tricity are the most likely to want cosmetic surgery. This could be due to their greater affluence than other communities.

According to our statistics, 75 percent of the procedures performed in 2009 were on first-time plastic surgery patients. In 13 percent of cosmetic surgeries performed, patients have more than one procedure at the same tie.

You can obtain more information about recent plastic surgery telephonic survey conducted by Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s Aesthetic Clinic at +91-9814531111 or e-mail him directly at dearbhatti@gmail.com

Please also visit the website www.drtejinderbhatti.com

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