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politicians vote out the crooks.make a new era in america
hello everyone out there in the internet universe.how is your day// isn't it about time that all people in this country get out and vote the ones in office out,that want to keep the same corrupt agenda in washington/ all americans,that live by the right rules should be sick to death of the status quo in this crazed country! jesus but how much more corruption and ungodly greed,will some of you out there stand for? i can barely stand to wake up in this crazed country,everyday,knowing that i'll get the shaft again because of the twisted ones that run the once,proud nation,that use to be called America,for a very good reason! Everyone that agrees with the way this country is /has been/run for the last three or four decades has got to be warped in the head.Either that or they are one of the lucky ones that have a stake in the big money that is stolen everyday from working people in this country! Everyone should go and make sure that everyone you know around this country,goes out and vote in all of the coming elections if they don't because they are just too lazy.they should be scorned at every chance! America is sooooo off it's Rocker at this point in History,that there might not be no chance of turning her around but i think we can if we stick together on our Founding Fathers Principles,that made this once Great country the greatest in the World! Who are the ones that are in control of the corruption in this World? For the sake of all of your Precious,Children,you had better start wondering who is in control of this once,great,Nation,indeed!!!have a great day and spring if possible in this twisted century,year of our great Lord! selah...
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