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My Guardian Angel watches over me ~ And is with me ~ Always.
My Guardian Angel

My Guardian Angel

She sits on the bank and looks at the lake,
Always beside me, will never forsake.
Guardian Angel; forever with me.
A friendship formed of necessity.

As I absorb the beauty of nature’s gift
Could my faith be damaged? Is there a rift?
I wonder why I was chosen as a soul to guard?
With the death of my sister, my beliefs are jarred.

I miss her, so much; the pain is so real.
How could he do this? He must know how I feel.
I hated God, for taking her with his greed.
But I guess he must have a far greater need.

I feel her presence wherever I dwell.
I think she knows my sister quite well.
A reassuring thought is passed to my mind.
Like her, she is gentle, thoughtful and kind.

My Dad says the Angel must be,
My sister back to look after me.
I don’t think that this can be true.
My Angel’s been with me, since I was two!

I fell into this very lake,
She held out her hand and I did take.
She pulled me onto the grassy bank.
I turned around; she was not there to thank.

As I think back, to that near tragedy.
Memories suppressed are coming to me. 
My mind clears, I see you so well.
My sister IS my Guardian Angel.

I should point out that this poem is not about me ~ It is fiction!

Freestyle poetry. Each stanza is a quatrain and I follow an AABB rhyme scheme.

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