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What does generosity mean and what's in it's name?

In this day and age let us consider the quality of generosity and what it has within it's word.  The acrostic below serves only as a carrying case, so to speak, for truly without mankind taking up the case there will be no more generosity.
So here now is for your consideration:

by Steve Cope
What's In It's Name

G is for giving without expecting back.
E is for ever searching to serve one another.
N is for never wondering "What's in it for me?"
E is for even giving sacrificially when you know a need can be met.
R is for remembering to give humbly, not boasting and being proud.
O is for opening our eyes and seeing things differently.
S is for seeing that people can help people in many ways.
I  is for interceding in behalf of another who is in travails.
T is for taking up a cause seeking to help one more person a day.
Y is for YOU, because without you there can be no  GENEROSITY.

Here in the WDC generosity flows like a river.  What about outside the confines of this space?  Are we generous with what we have and willing to share so another might thrive?  The answers can only come from you, you, and you.  What's in it's name? You, you, and you.
Copenator out!
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