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The paupers all stood...on the edge of the road.
As the carriage did ride before them.

They stood barefooted...in the mud & muck.
For the gilded tram seemed amazing.

Inside the coach...sat an important man.
Whether king or czar it doesn't matter.

He glanced out...the bulletproof glass.
Saw the standing poor & drew the curtains.

Beside him sat...an important lady.
Whether queen or courtesan makes no difference.

She looked out...the glass on her side.
And met eyes that stared back indifferently.

The still fresh faces...of the clusmy babes.
The stooped stances of the aged.

They all seem to ask...so many questions .
But she didn't have answers to give them.

Then hand from the man...reached over her gaze.
And slowly drew the curtain.

And the carriage rode on...and the paupers went home.
But the children did chase it...with stones in hand.

Pelted the footmen...who didn't react.
And carriage sped away into the distance.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1659527-The-Difference-of-Man