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A place where your thoughts fear to go.
    Fear of the unknown is mutual among every subconscious. It is what keeps our eyes moving, fists clenching, readiness to pop backwards when our friends' fists come at us with ultimately humorous intent. Fear, however, comes in many deceitful forms, and these species can lurk deep within the crevices of your soul where all other thoughts dare not go. I call this place the "Void". Inside the Void are creatures and demons not suitable for existence, exiled from the sanctity of solids, liquids, and gases. They never teach you about this place in science class not being it isn't real, but because every time they try to go there they are rejected by horrors that make them tremble to such an extreme, to such an extent where even their natural fear of the unknown can not move them. Now you may comprehend what horrible effect my accident truly had on me.

    When I came to my senses, the sensation I had was unrecognizable, yet somehow familiar. I had that feeling, that fear of what could happen, but this time it varied. This time it was the fear of what I knew was going to happen. The space around me was still, how I was breathing didn't matter to me, but I could feel that this place was voided of air. Void. I was alone, in the worst manner of speaking. Not alone from existence, just from those who care about me, who allow my thoughts to roam free and as well as keep the void inside me at bay. Void. It was at the moment that I realized where I truly was. I screamed, in the silence of my vacuumed voice and the echo of the cryptic realm, I screamed. As my eyes lay there, closed and blind, my deepest fear crawled out of it's slumber, never to close it's eyes again. Nobody heard me.
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