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by LASinn
Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #1659824
Before a plane trip Steve is visited by an omen. 1st place Daily Flash Contest.
Entry for Daily Flash Fiction contest.

Prompt: must include words dictionary, circle, mind

Word count: 300

“Don’t get on that plane” says a small soft voice.

I look up from my newspaper and see a girl about six years old. She’s wearing a little pink dress has yellow bows that match her shoes and also has the most somber expression I have ever seen on a child.

“Where is your mommy sweetheart?” I hear myself saying as I look around the airport for any obvious parent.

Her expression becomes even more grave and furrowed, and I feel myself start to squirm.

Why does she keep staring at me? Where is her mother? Should I take her to lost and found? No. It’s not like she is an umbrella or an abandoned dictionary, but I should take her to an employee so they can announce she is lost.

“Come with me and we will find your mommy”, I declare as her baleful gaze starts to poke and prickle at my mind.

I uneasily peer around again in a huge circle debating where to take her, not wanting to see her anymore, creepy kid.

“Don’t get on that plane, Steve.”

Finally, I glance back to see only emptiness where she stood before.

I have a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach and sit there for a long time. Where did she go? How did she know my name? It couldn’t be a real warning. How silly to consider that as real. I don’t feel terribly well though. Maybe I could postpone this business trip, especially if I’m ill. A premonition overcame me.

I slowly pick up my briefcase head toward the exit.

Around the corner my competitor says “Here is 10 dollars I promised”, as he hands over the money to his daughter with a wide smile. My proposal will win without Steve there to compete!

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