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by Me
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Not being blind anymore
Its funny how life is, to me we should always expect the unexpected.  Those who no me well and are reading this i am most positive u will be remembering and saying yes for the 1st part of this story..  I was going down hill up until last month.  I did everything wrong drugs, cutting myself trying to take my own life, putting others down, judging, insolent to parents,lying gossiping and sleeping around wow those last two i was famous for.  As i said i was going down hill up until last month. It is sad that it took me a near death situation to wake me up.  I have been ill for my entire young adult hood, i was always in the hospital that was my second home, but I still  took life for granted.  I recently had major surgery everything went well but one day out of no where i started to get severe pain it was so bad that the doctors told my family to expect the worse.  At that point I gave up i was always in pain so i could not take it any longer i asked god to take me.  I wanted to die but he had another plan for me. I was begging him to take me one night, feelling sorry for myself as usual,and i suddenly felt this feeling that I still cannot explain to this day. But between u and me it was the best feeling i ever got and that was when i was no longer blind and I could finally see.  Now most of us are blind yes we could see but most of the time we have on blinkers.  Well everyday I have been thanking God for making me see again. 

I don't know if you all realize that we are in the last days; as in everything in revelation is happening now.  The bible states that God is allowing Satan to rule the earth until he is ready to come to judge the living and the dead.  He would take his chosen ones up with him in a twinkle of an eye and the rest would get left behind. I don't  know about anyone else but i really dont want to get left behind.  People use the pharse that the world is coming to an end the world is not coming to an end the human race would be coming to an end and this is called the Rapture. This is basically when the anti-crist will force us to take the mark of the beast which will be a chip implanted into our wrists. As i said above God is letting Satan rule the earth until he is ready to come again but satan is doing this through the anti-christ and the anti-christ is here already.  The bible states that the anti-christ would be a man who is in his 40's and would be Muslim.( Now i am not judging anyone race here) He will make everyone believe him with the christ - like way he would have.Everyone would follow him because he would be promising world peace but obviously this will not happen he would eventually distroy. Satan is trying to get as many souls he can, he is trying to beat God and some people are easily making him win. Why is Satan doing this?

In the bible it states that Satan was the highest angel in heaven.  God wanted to make a female person to be some what close to him satan got angry and tryed to over power God. Saint Micheal the archangel defended God and God then cast Satan out of heaven and into hell and that is how Saint Micheal is the top angel in heaven right now.  As we all know were born into sin because God made man (Adam) and then he made a woman ( eve) because Adam was lonely.  Satan assumed that Eve was the female God mentioned in heaven.  So he came in the form of a snake and tempted Eve to pick

the forbidden fruit ie the tree of knowledge. We cannot let Satan take our souls and believe me it is happening already.  The bible sates that there would be one device that everyone will flock to that is evil, everyone must have this device and everyone would make sure and get it. The device is already in use  by humans and the anti-christ.   

I am most positive that most of you all are saying " All of a sudden Danielle is talking to  us about God and Danielle feels she is better than everyone because she found God, she forget how lived her life") If any of you are saying these words i can't do anything about that but what i can tell u is forget my past.. If Christ could say father forgive them for they no what they did after all they put him through who are we.  We should be able to forgive, we should not be judging.  Lets try to be more like christ.

As i said forgivness is important, we need to forget also the bible does not say anything about forget but to me how do you expect to forgive without forgetting.  So if anyone is reading this now and i have hurt you in anyway please forgive me , please take the bitterness out of your hearts to forgive  and not just me everyone who hurt you and believe me I am finally taking my own advice.  So please don't ask why negative things happen to us, the saying everything happens for a reason is so ture. When negative things happen to us don't complain thank God beause out of a negative there is always a positive and when me make mistakes don't worry we are all human and not perfect but the best part of being human is learning from our mistakes.  If u read this i really hope that u all don't judge and i really hope that this would be a wake up call. I mean i can't tell you how to live your life, God gave us free will right?  But please read this without judging if you do judge or choose to ignore it i can't do anything about that because its is kind of hard to believe this especially when it is coming from me.  But as i always say if Danielle Labadie could change anyone could change. lol..

I do hope that you all don't think that I may feel that I am better than you because I decided to change my life, if so I do not.  I just wanted to share this with you all hoping that you do read it and use it as a wake up call because we are really almost at the end. 

I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way, when i was doing crap I got serious lectures.  And beleive me the truth really hurts. I don't have to call any names you all no who you are. 

                                          I LOVE U ALL AND I REALLY HOPE U ALL READ THIS


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