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A Great Horned Owl's night and Cherokee Tribe.
I am a female Great Horned Owl. I have a reddish, brown gray face. I am bigger then the male owls. I don't have horns but I have tufts of feathers that look like horns. I come out at night.

Tonight, I am looking for food like I always do. I see a rabbit. Too late! A wolf claimed it for it's dinner. The wolves hunt at night and the Cherokee Tribe respects and admires them. Beautiful animal but I stay in the air away from them. A starry night with a full moon. Morning Dove is mad at her husband Lone Wolf. She just threw his blanket outside. Looks like he will be sleeping outdoors. No rain so he won't get wet. Cherokee women have the right to throw their husbands out of their tents when they are displeased. There is Twilight Wolf, a pretty maiden Cherokee girl. She is going to the lake to meet her lover Running Bear. She travels through the woods as she steps to pet a wolf. The wolf that ate my rabbit! I fly around, making my low pitched noises and the wolf growls and Twilight Wolf runs away. This is fun for me. I have to find something for dinner. I find a weasel. I got him! After eating, I fly back to the Cherokee Tribe.

Chief Silver Eagle talks to some braves as they sat around a camp fire. They smoke a peace pipe. They talk about the white man and how they hope to drive them out of the lands. That pipe stinks! What are they smoking? Sly Fox is taking the canoe out to the lake. He is going to catch some fish for the Cherokees' meals tomorrow. Five year old Dancing Bear tries to catch fireflies. He is cute for a Cherokee kid. His mother Shy Fawn tells him it is time to go to his tee pee and go to sleep. I see a possum. I need to go catch him. I catch him and now I need to go back to my children. Foxes, coyotes and wild cats are a threat to our owl children. I fly back to the Cherokee Tribe. Twilight Wolf sneaks into her tent. Her family is asleep. Lucky for her. She isn't in trouble. Sly Fox has captured several fish. Chief Silver Eagle goes into his tee pee. The big bright moon sparkles on the water. I fly over the wolves and they hate that. I fly down low enough to bother them and fly away so they don't hurt me. I catch some mice and have now returned to my children. I feed them and they are content. I am going back to watch over the Cherokee people and I can make a lot of noise if danger approaches. I like the Cherokees. They are interesting and they are no threat to me. I will search for more prey and when the sun starts to come out, I will go to bed and be with my babies all day. Tonight will be another adventure as I search for prey and keep an eye on the Cherokee people.
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