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Some thoughts I want to throw around, but please suggest some ideas.
*Possible Spoiler Alert!*

Characters not in order of appearance!

<Main Characters>


Azure Wizard; Winston Marcantel; Birth date: 05/08/XXXX; Start age: child; Start location: "Segitia, Malurul" in the USA; powers: aura knight, magician, marshal artist, physic, [psychologist (?)]; appearances: at least 3; tends to have childish personality while he is wearing his hero costume, but acts adult like otherwise; says some profound stuff from time to time. Martial art: Fūshuikazan

AW History:

Bard (not final hero name); Bryce Herrera; Start location: "Asarcini, Malurul" in the USA; powers: acting, disguises, sonic attacks, voice modifier; sonic and voice abilities come from tech made by "Bionic Prodigy"; tends to "ham it up" while in disguise, which gets him found out sometimes. Currently second in command of the "Silver Crusaders", and helps mediate group problems.

Bard History: Was interested in various careers in art, dancing, and music. Loved proforming for others, and a is gifted linguist. Has a great personallity and is easy to talk to.

Bionic Prodigy*; # 29419822-C, Joshua Hurst; Start age: teenager; Start location: Scientific Logistics' secret research and development division; powers: bio. and tech. knowledge, [alchemy (?)], [chemical based powers (?)]; had "researched" the "Azure Wizard" in order to stop him; "Bionic Prodigy" has no direct link to the creation of "Marauder", but feels guilty about what the company did to "Savage Commander"; managed to escape "Scientific Logistics" with help from "Azure Wizard" and "Savage Commander"; has a height complex, because he is slightly shorter than average person

BP History: Even at a young age Joshua had always been somewhat of a prodigy showing great interest in biology and roboticis, getting various biotechnological degrees at a rather young and impressive age. His colleages at his first job were quicker to point out his height rather than his intelligance, and he did really feel apriciated. After being offered a position at Scientific Logistics' research and development division he quickly took the job. This is where his scientific career took off, and he quickly developed many projects. This caught the attention of one of the leading scientists at Scientific Logistics, and he invented Joshua to work with him on more "private" rescearch. On day while Joshua was working alone in the lab a rookie security employee came in to check in on Joshua. This employee was Marcus Saunders, and although they didn't talk much to each other much they became fast friends. One seemingly peaceful day he meet a myterious individual who called himself "The Azure Wizard". This individual was not only blatently calling the company "corupt", but was in the middle of stealling important information without looking the slightest bit apologetic. After the incident, Joshua quickly began developing "countermeasures" against the thief. One of these "countermeasures" was called the Marauder Project", but it highly untested and Joshua didn't want to risk the consiquences, so he decided to scrap the idea. After several confirntations with the thief Joshua slowly began to realise how dark his ambitions had got, and how far he was from his original goals he was. He wanted to simply quit, but knew that was impossible. Joshua confided his feeling with his friend Marcus. They quiclky planned an escape attempt for the next time "The Azure Wizard" decided a break-in.

Marauder (not final name); # 20708113-A, Marcus Saunders; Start location: Scientific Logistics' secret [storage / training] facility; powers: manufactured super strength, enhanced speed and hand-eye coordination, manufactured mind block; has intense fight with "Azure Wizard" "Marauder" does not blame "Bionic Prodigy" for his condition, or for the experiments that were performed on him that were based on some of "Bionic Prodigy's" discarded research; "Marauder" received most of his powers because he betrayed "Scientific Logistics", and was caught by security while trying to runaway with "Bionic Prodigy"; strongly believes in the phrase "actions speak louder than words"; loves being challeged to tests of strength that don't normally involve fighting and/or combat

Marauder History: When Marcus was empolyed as apart of Scientific Logistics' security division he had repelled "The Azure Wizard" from the premisses quite an impressive number of times and was quickly promoted. However when his friend Joshua came to him telling him that he wanted to leave the company he nodded in agreement going with his friend for moral support, but Marcus was unsure if he could completely abandon the company. They were quickly found out, and they were soon running for thier lives. Luckly for them the Azure Wizard was "touring" the premisses at the time, and they quickly met up and explained themselves under gunfire. It took quite a bit effort, but they managed to find a hallway which led to an exit. Marcus rushed his friend and the Azure Wizard outside, and locked the door behind them. Marcus had hoped this act would redem him somewhat for "protecting" Scientific Logistics' interests, as he turned to face the pursuers. It seemed like forever, but Scientific Logistics' security division did eventually capture Marcus. For his betrayall Scientific Logistics "voluntered" Marcus to test the "Marauder Project" Joshua thought he got rid of. Current records with-in Scientific Logistics said that Marcus is dead, but he still retains some humanitiy. The Azure Wizard had to battle this new andriod several before he and Joshua could recover whatever was left of Marcus's humanity.

Summoner; Philip Pierce; Start location: randomly appears...; powers: magician, [spirit summoner (?)]; Sent to investigate Aura knight disappearance and "Azure Wizard", and is originally from "Mirinthea"; likes to take his time with assignments/projects, but can be rather direct about most missions with some disregard to rules

Paladin (not final name); Dwayne ...; powers (may change depending on what kind of background I give him): missing most of original powers due to memory loss (?), marshal artist; [self inflicted memory loss (?)]; has strong sense of justice and can be a bit uptight at times. Was a member of the "Silver Crusaders" for a time, but left group and is trying to do things his own way.

Bararian (not final name); Derek ...; Start location: "Asarcini, Malurul" in the USA; powers: enhanced strength, [earth/rock manipulation (?)]; Barbarian has a bit of an ego, and was a subordinate of Marcus. One challenged Marcus to an arm wresting match, and lost horribly. Derek mistook the quick loss as a sign that Marcus expected something great out of him. Marcus really just wanted to end the match as quickly as possible. Genually shocked and horrified when he learns what happenned to Marcus/Marauder. Running gag of being an unofficial member even though he says otherwise. Possibly the son of one of the corprate leaders of Scientific Logistics (?).



The corprate leaders of "Scientific Logistics"



Winston's Dad (Marshall) ; Mom (Pauline); and younger brother (Mitch)

Winston's main marshal arts/aura teacher (Martha Powell); Start location: "Arcovias Island; tells Winston that he will have the power to "see" the truth and be able to protect himself; she has an Irish accent when she speaks; is somewhat lenient to her students, and tries to adapt to their needs despite teachings; hates sexism

Saint Beasts

    Suzaku) Female monk, phoenix, cheerful, powerful, fire elemental, red/orange, Weapon: Gauntlets and/or Fans

    Genbu) Male shaman/druid, turtle, wise, stubborn, earth elemental, green, Weapon: Shield and (Staff ?)

    Seiryuu) Male warrior/samurai, dragon, water/ice elemental, blue, Weapon: Sword/Katana

    Byakko) Female dancer/thief, tiger, unpredictable, wind elemental, Weapon: Daggers and/or Greaves

School reporter


marshal arts/aura teacher (Aurelia Keller); Start location: "The Ancient School of the Azure Phoenix"; gets in a combative fight with Martha, before the attack on the school happens; has different and more extreme view point when it comes to raising aura knights than Martha does, and they get into heated arguments about the subject; further data and final location is unknown

Police Officers


The Azure Rogue "Valdula"; Start location: "The Ancient School of the Azure Phoenix"; attacks "The Ancient School of the Azure Phoenix" and is defeated and had powers taken away by "Martha Powell", but she dies as a result; has most of most memory taken away by the "Azure Wizard"



unknown students

unknown teachers

School principal

unknown "Scientific Logistics" workers

unknown "Mirinthea" residents

other people



"The Ancient School of the Azure Phoenix"; multicultural school for aura knights

    ~ "Arcovias Island"
    ~ has a difficult curriculum

"Asarcini, Malurul"

"Segitia, Malurul"

"Mirinthea"; the world of magic and sorcery (?)

    ~ "The Ancient School of the Azure Phoenix" guards gateway to "Mirinthea"
    ~ Azure Squires are not allowed into "Mirinthea" without supervision from a reconised Aura Knight

"Scientific Logistics"; group of five or six big corperations that are kind of working together for neferious perpiouses. Thier hobby seems to collecting individuals with special natural talents and people with supernatural abilites. Will resort to various cruel methods to bring out an individual's full potential if they think it is nessesary. True goals and location are unknown.

Other locations

<Things to add or go into further detail about that I may need help with>

Notes for latter

[Fire - substance, Earth - ingenuity, Water - technique, Wind - essence, Void - equity]

Various characters and places

    ~ Descriptive traits for people and places
    ~ Types of powers for some of the characters
    ~ Character & place development

Martha Powell's conversation to Winston and his parents; How Martha convinces Winston's parents to allow Winston to go with her; How Martha convinces Winston to stay at that school

    ~ Fake school name for "The Ancient School of the Azure Phoenix"
    ~ how Winston's parents find the school
    ~ [Martha's private conversation with Winston (?)]




Ranks: Azure Squires -> Aura Knights -> Aura Gaurdians? (Lowest to highest)

"Scientific Logistics" employee I.D. code = # 8 digit number - section of company they work in

    ~ A = Assault squad
    ~ B = Boss
    ~ C = Create
    ~ D = Deception

<Actual Story Outline (so far)>

~ Story begins in earily 21 century.

~ Begining ?

~ Adventures that needed to be added in (Hopefully in order)
    ~ Azure Wizard vs. Marcus part 1 (AW escapes)
    ~ Azure Wizard vs. Marcus part 2 (AW escapes, but gets seriously hurt)
    ~ Azure Wizard's attempted escape from "Scientific Logistics" with Joshua and Marcus (Marcus gets captured and is experimented on)
    ~ Azure Wizard vs. Marauder part 1 (AW escapes)
    ~ Bionic Prodigy becomes base tech support & strategist for "Azure Wizard"
    ~ Azure Wizard vs. Marauder part 2 (AW fakes being captured)
    ~ Mission to rescue Marauder begins (Prodigy is a field agent at this point)
    ~ Azure Wizard vs. Marauder part 3 (M finally gets KOed; and is freed from the company's control over him; doesn't immediately join team)
    ~ Bard, Paladin, and Summoner join the "Silver Crusaders"; but unsure how or why

<Links of my sources>



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