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by Rein
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Fantasy · #1661309
A different look on how the seasons came to be.
There once was a fairy,
With a silvery glow,
Who was born of the Moon,
And her name was Snow,

She was a gentle, kind creature,
With skin soft and fair,
And no other being,
Had beauty to compare,

But she was lonely, Young Snow,
Her feelings torn apart,
Until the Son of the Forest,
Valiantly captured her heart,

Their love was enchanting,
Both souls twined as one,
And with the day of their marriage,
Their lives had just begun,

But there were two others,
Or so it is said,
That were jealous of Snow,
And wanted her dead,

A fairy older than Snow,
With a heart full of pain,
Was born of the Sky,
And dubbed as Young Rain,

The eldest of the two,
Eyes burning with angry desire,
Was born of the Sun,
And given the name Fire,

Each held a personal grudge,
Both filled with hate,
That fueled their heart's anger,
And sealed Young Snow's fate,

To leave no evidence,
Of their jealous-induced crime,
They would poison the fairy,
At just the right time,

Months came and went,
When out by the bay,
Night came too early,
And opportunity gave way,

Working as a team,
Rain gaining Snow's eye,
Fire slipped into her drink,
A concoction most dry,

And when the tea hit Snow's lips,
It struck like a knife,
The poison had settled,
And had taken her life,

The sisters had done it,
Their emotional thoughts subdue,
But neither would have guessed,
The consequences that would ensue,

The Son of the Oceans,
Who had seen what had been done,
Explained to the Husband,
The death of his beloved one,

The Son of the Forest,
With tears in his eyes,
Ordered Young Rain and Young Fire,
To a horrible demise,

As an afterthought, though,
With a wave of his hand,
He banished the sisters,
Away from the land,

So the sisters, heartbroken,
Now ashamed of the deed,
Returned to their elements,
With lightning fast speed,

And so began the cycle,
Of the seasons in the years,
That were an outcome of love,
Hate, sadness, and tears,

Young Fire became Summer,
Her angry heat a scorching thing,
And Young Rain, with her tears,
Became the flowers in the Spring,

The Son of the Forest became Fall,
And for many sound reasons,
Young Snow became Winter,
And, thus, created the seasons.
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