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A letter from 1942 held a secret.
Mr. Sterns, postmaster and a lifelong member of the men in blue, waved Joel to come to him.

“I’ve got a very special letter for you to deliver.” He reached inside his vest pocket and pulled out a yellowed envelope. “This letter was suppose to be delivered in 1942, to Mr. Voelker on Broad Street which is your route. It’s from his brother, mailed just before he shipped out.”

“It will be my honor,” Joel replied taking the letter. He set out on his familiar path of 750 stops.

Joel greeted most of his patrons with a smile, except Rufus and his pit bull. Even they couldn’t dampen his spirits today. He arrived at Mr. Voelker’s mailbox, and decided to give him his mail in person. He rang the doorbell. An elderly man with a cane appeared.

“Mr. Voelker, I have a very special letter to deliver to you today. It’s from your brother, Marcus.”

“What? My brother was killed in WW II. Must be a mistake. Go away!”

“No, sir. It was suppose to be delivered in 1942.”

“Is that so?” Mr. Voelker paused and scrutinized Joel. “Well, let’s have a gander.”

Joel pulled the letter from the bundle and held it out to him. Immediately tears welled in the old man’s eyes. “I’ll be damned. He wasn’t lying after all.”

“Excuse me?” Joel inquired. “You haven’t even opened it.”

“I know what’s in it. A winning lottery ticket. I called him a liar to his face. We didn’t speak for two years. Then he died. Anna left me too. Said she couldn’t love a liar. I could have been rich, married Anna, bought a nice house. That was another lifetime. Just take it and burn it!” Mr. Voelker shook his head...and closed the door.

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