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Obleo's last poem - he didn't get a chance to post
written by: Ray Hubbard March 11 at 10:45pm

Thinking of you and a few things I be…

If I was a bunny, you’d be the hippity in my hop!
If I was a flip, you’d be my flop!
If I was bluest of oceans, it's because you’d be my sky!
If I was the answer, it’s because you are my why!
If I were who, why, where or when, you’d be my how!
If I was a stud bull, you’d be my only cow!
If I was a pony you would be the only one I’d let ride!
If I was a kick, you’d be my side!
If I was a parade you’d be the marching band!
If I was ten fingers, you’d be my hands!
If I was eighty days, you’d be the world I’d sail ‘round!
If I was lost, you’d be my found!
If I was unable, you’d be my I can!
If I was a walk, you’d be my I ran!
If I was a brain, you'd be my think!
If I was a skunk, you'd be my stink!
If I was green eggs, you’d be my ham!
If I was Capone, you’d be my on the lam!
If I was a raindrop, you’d be my world longest river!
If I was the time, you’d be my forever!

And if I was God, you'd be the one I'd choose to love!

written by Obleo
He indicated to me on the 12th that he'd made changes he wanted to share
before posting. He passed on the 13th before that was done.
I am posting this in his memory, and in his honor. As I told him, this poem
is so upbeat and happy, a very touching and fun read. It highlights a sense
of humor and romance. Two things he was "famous" for. It serves to remember
him this way. *Heart*
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