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jeepney passengers and the Filipino people.
if you live in the Philippines one of the most common means of transportation is the 'jeepney'. it is the basic and most accessible public utility vehicle. and like all PUV's you have to pay the fare. the noticeable thing about paying the fare is the fact that when you sit far from the driver, your fare must be hand delivered from passenger to passenger to reach the driver.

here in the Philippines, we are used to these kinds of things. 'makikiabot po ng bayad'(please hand my fare over to the driver). this request is part of our daily lives and we always fulfill it. sometimes even the change is passed on. what's great about this is this shows how social Filipinos are. we grew up in a place where we are used to helping each other out. so much used to it in fact that many Filipinos, upon reading this will say, 'onga nuh'(that's right*surprised*). it just goes to show that, we, from childhood are trained in these ways to extend our hands to each other. and this is just an example. there are many situations in which this characteristics of us are exhibited.

so the next time someone asks you to pass their fare, take pride for you know that this is one tradition that makes the Philippines a great place.

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