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by Reever
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #1661775
With our actions on display and our fates one day weighed, what will you have to say?
Two creatures of light smiled wide as they pushed away from each other, sending out a spherical wave of whimsical energy. The taller of the playful duo skimmed the surface of this curtain and dived in and out, creating a unique spectacle within the sea of darkness.

Both continued to play carelessly as they had been for hours, glad for the chance to be out and about from their usual...slumber.

Far away roiling clouds and deeply hued mists would occasionally fade in and out, a common sight this close to the Gate Region.

Sepha, the shorter of the two, noticed a forming shape creeping toward them. She quickly went to meet the thing, thinking there may be some fun to have with the newcomer. Rizo knew better though. Before she had drifted into its wispy widening grasp, he had cut a side-long arc to pass in front of Sepha, her curious visage turning fast to confusion.

A wall of radical light flashed in Rizo's wake, the mysterious form erupting a darkened red as it came into contact with it. The wall stayed solid around the impact and rolled around the blazing cloud, fully containing it within a transparent sphere.

"Rizo, why'd you do that?"

"Look, little Sepha, you do not want to play with that." He motioned toward the sphere, which revealed a swirling scene of hate and anguish that had come from the memory of a human.

"A side effect of boundless will. For better or worse the souls beyond these gates decide their fates, remarkably or despairingly so." Rizo pulled Sepha's hand into the sphere. She immediately felt her vision overpowered by an experience that was not her own.

A man so overcome with grief and hate stood alone, pacing feverishly in his mind. His thoughts kept turning vengeful and murderous circles for lack of a more satisfying route. His life had gone no where and it was the world's fault. His girlfriend had not catered to his desires well enough; his boss had not given him the chance to move up; his family had refused to help him anymore; most people were too dumb to be called friends, why were they even given the chance to live lives so much better than his own? The man reached quickly for a pistol and pointed it at his head.

Sepha pulled out of the images and stared blankly for a moment.

"Rizo, I am sad. Why do such things happen?"

"They cannot be helped Sepha,by us anyways. Do not fret for them too much. The time will come when an awakening is transpired. Likely not anytime soon though" Rizo flashed a fitting smirk to match his doubting tone.

Sepha did not like that answer. She had to find her own. Wherever this feeling of torment came from she knew there was more to such things than just an end.

"Come on, lets go back," Rizo said, he then sent the sphere flying away to where the cloud had come from.

With it went Sepha's curiosity. She set off after the sphere without regard, moving as fast as she could to keep up with it.

She heard Rizo's voice behind, but knew he would not catch her. Sepha had always been quicker.

After many minutes, clouds and swirls of brilliant color became increasingly more common, making them more difficult to avoid. Sepha dipped and dodged but could not evade a large swathe of green that had fooled her with its movements. She hurtled through it and found herself engulfed in a spell of jealousy and rage that quickly left as she fell from the other side of the cloud.

Disoriented, Sepha looked around desperately and scanned for a clear path out. The distance shifted almost trance-like as a multitude of shades drifted about in their patient ways.

By then Rizo had spotted her and hastily made his way to her.

"Sepha, this is not a place to be, there is nothing but confusion and darkness here, come." He pulled her away while eyeing the strange clouds, each forming twisted shapes and faces. Sepha let him pull her along for a bit, lost in thought and sinking into hopelessness.

As she was about to turn and move alongside Rizo, a silvery flash caught her attention. Something that was surely out of place here, she had not seen anything like it until now. She squirmed from Rizo's grasp and darted toward it, keeping a sharp eye on the wavering point.

"Come on! Hey, wait!"

As she got closer, the silver turned to white and it radiated as Sepha's hand reached out for it.

Rizo saw the large form lurk from the mists before Sepha did, it opened its wicked maw and made a pass at her. At the last moment Sepha dropped down and watched the shrouded horror shoot by her. Greatly shaken, she took Rizo's cue to follow without hesitation. They hurried along the way they had come without looking back, hoping the terrible creature was long gone.

"I've had enough of this Sepha, and of all these foolish human tendencies. Look at what's been created! They will never learn, that is why they will bring about their own -," Rizo's rant was halted when Sepha turned him to what she held in her hand. Both of them stopped their frantic pace and stared at the shining light.

"Sure they will Rizo. We wouldn't be alive without this." She held the light closer to him.

A desperate mother clutched her newborn at the edge of a 50-foot bridge, tears soaking her front side. A part of her knew she was being selfish and unreasonable but she had endured too much pain to see clearly now. Passing by in the distance, a lone stranger could easily hear the desperate crying. He began to drift that way once he came in to sight of the girl standing far too close to a horrible fall. His steps quickened, he tried not too alert her until he knew more of this predicament . The mother shook her head with sobs and heard the horrible words that had pushed her over the limit. She had no options now, she was alone and hated by everyone. Her confusion and fear allowed her to keep her child close to her, no matter what. She stepped out, the wind taking her hair high as soon as she could see the blackness that was below. The man panicked and jolted from the words that he was about to speak to her. He couldn't make it in time to pull her back, and overbalanced, forcing himself over. In the seconds that followed the infant was pulled from its mother, the man instinctively turning his back to land on the girl, child in arms. Her cushioning death inadvertently saved the two other lives that flew over that edge, the sounds of the sky and the clatter of a pistol echoing about.

© Copyright 2010 Reever (reeveroverseer at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1661775