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by iZZy
Rated: 13+ · Script/Play · Drama · #1662247
A woman finds herself in a whirlwind of deadly encounters while battling Depression.
Scene 1:
(Victoria narrates her life)

Victoria Annemarie Price is my name. The name my mother gave to me at my time of birth. Needless to say it's a lovely name but behind every name is a story. A story only you can edit, rewrite, and publish again and again. A name is interesting depending on how you look at it. I view it as a label. Everyone sees my name and they automatically think I'm smart, pretty, innocent, and a talented woman. But behind those words I labeled myself as dumb, ugly, selfish, and lazy. Why? Well because I suffered from depression. Depression is such an ugly word. It takes the life out of you because you know you are not this horrible person inside but then your mind wants to play games with you and you end up thinking well maybe I am and I should just accept it. That's exactly what I did. I simply choose to be best friends with Depression just because I gave up. Where did it lead me to? Years of agony. Time wasted crying and fighting with my loved ones. I've always used to sleep countless hours in my bed listening to Air Supply hopefully to bring my mood back up a little. My hair, oh man, my hair was always a mess. My clothes were always dirty and stinky and taking a bath was like a difficult task for me to do. I never ate anything and I lost about 10 pounds in two weeks. Then the other two weeks I gain them right back. I thought to myself, "This isn't me, this is not who I really am." But like always I simply excepted the fact that I suffer from depression and I would've cared less about treating it. Victoria Annemarie Price is my name and I suffer from Depression and this is my story.

(Victoria is in the kitchen making dinner while Anthony her son comes in from school carrying a picture he drew of his mom)

Victoria: Hey sweetheart!
Anthony: Hi mommy! Look what I drew in my class for you!

(Anthony hands her the picture)

Anthony: Do you like it mommy?
Victoria: Sweetie its....its....
Anthony: Its what mommy?
Victoria: Anthony go up stairs I need to talk to you.
Anthony: Why? Am I in trouble?
Victoria: Just go please.

(Victoria goes up stairs into Anthonys room and shows him the picture)

Victoria: Anthony why did you draw mommy like this?
Anthony: Because that's the way you usually are. Your always sad and you never want to do anything but just lay in bed all day.
Victoria: Yeah sweetie, but mommy doesn't want you to draw pictures of her when shes sad. Draw pictures of mommy when shes happy.
Anthony: I'm sorry mommy.
Victoria: it's okay sweetie.I want you to do me a favor to not show anyone this picture okay sweetie? Now come down stairs to get something to eat.

(They both go down stairs into the kitchen to eat. A few minutes later Victorias husband Taylor comes into the house. Victoria kisses him.)

Victoria: Hey baby how was your day?
Taylor: Oh it was very stressful. Some guys at work were complaining about Samantha not turning in her paperwork on Monday and it was just like that all day. I'm just glad to be home with my family.
Anthony: Daddy!
Taylor: Hey sport! How's my little man doing?
Anthony: I'm doing great daddy, look what I drew for mommy in class today!
(Victoria snatches the picture away from Anthonys hand)

Victoria: Sweetie I told you not to show this picture to anyone.
Anthony: But I want to show daddy!
Victoria: Anthony go to your room.
Victoria: Because I said so Anthony now go!
(Anthony throws a temper tantrum)

Taylor: Whats wrong with the picture?
Victoria: Look at it.
Taylor: Oh, now why would he draw you this way?
Victoria: That's what I'm trying to figure out. He says that I spend to much time laying on the bed. Taylor I don't know what to do. I cant keep living like this.
(Victoria starts crying and lays her head on Taylors chest)

Taylor: Baby its going to be fine just forget this whole picture was even made and lets go up stairs to watch George Lopez to make you happier.
Victoria: Taylor my own son views me as a depressed person and nothing else! Doesn't that surprise you?
Taylor: Victoria I don't know what to do about it. I'm sorry baby but I wish I can help you. Medication and counseling alone isn't enough for you, then what is? baby I'm truly sorry.
Victoria: I always thought you were a no good of a husband.
Taylor: Oh my gosh Victoria! What do you want me to do about it? I try and try but nothing goes your way! I'm sick and tierd of your attitude!
Taylor: Oh yeah then why dont you just leave me!
(Victoria leaves Taylor and goes to her room to sleep)

Scene 2:

(The next day comes and the alarm clock in Victorias room rings at 7:00 AM. Taylor wakes up.)

Taylor: Get up Victoria its time for work.
Victoria: I'm not getting up. I'm tired.
Taylor: Get up Victoria.
Victoria: Didn't you hear me I'm not going to work today!
Taylor: Oh yea then who's going to magically give us money to buy whatever we want when we want it? Huh Victoria?
Victoria: Taylor you are getting on my last nerve! Leave me alone!
Taylor: Victoria! Wake up! Get a sense of reality for once! Please woman! You selfish no good woman.

(Victoria cries softly while Taylor leaves to get Anthony ready for school)

(Victoria is alone at home crying, searching for a knife in the kitchen drawer)

Victoria: I'll show them. I don't need him. I don't need anyone. I'll just die softly in my home just like my mother did.

(Anthony opens the front door while Victoria had the knife in front of her chest)

Anthony: Mommy no!
Victoria: I'm sorry son I have to go. It's my time to leave.

(Anthony is crying while he picks up the phone and calls Taylor)

Anthony: Daddy come home now! Mommy has a knife!

(A few minutes later Taylor comes home and starts taking away the knife from Victorias hand)

Taylor: Victoria what on God's earth were you thinking!?
Victoria: I'm no good. Leave me to die. Leave me to die Taylor!
Taylor: You are twisted in the head woman! You hear me! Twisted! I'm taking Anthony to my moms house right now.
Victoria: Go do whatever you want I don't give a crap.

(Taylor gabs Anthonys hand and left to go to his grandmothers house)

Victoria: (whispers) I don't need them.

(Taylor comes back to the house and sees Victoria laying down on the bed watching T.V. Taylor has the picture Anthony drew for her.)

Taylor: Victoria, you see this picture Anthony drew of you. Do you like it?
Victoria: No I don't.
Taylor: Do you want him to see you like this?
Victoria: No.
Taylor: Then don't you think you should change yourself and the way you think so you can be a positive example to him?
Victoria: I guess so. I can care less right now.
Taylor: Victoria, Please for Anthony change the way you are. He is our son and he needs you to be there in his life. Please Victoria.
Victoria: (crying) Taylor what am i doing wrong. I've tried everything and nothings working. it's better if I just die.
Taylor: Victoria you think dieing helps solve problems? No. they make them worse. Anthony needs us and you know that. Its time that you think about your son and not your self.
Victoria: yeah, your right Taylor.

(Taylor kisses Victoria and runs his hands over her hair)

Taylor: Don't worry sweetheart were gonna get through this some way some how but we are going to get through this one by one.

(Taylor goes to pick up Anthony from grandmas house. Then a few minutes late Anthony and Taylor come inside the house.)

Victoria: Anthony come over here.

(Victoria hugs Anthony)

Victoria: Now I know your scared baby but mommy promises not to do that ever again. I'm so sorry you had to see that. You know that you mean a lot to me sweetie.
Anthony: It's fine mommy. I know you need help.
Taylor: Okay sport time for bed.
Anthony: Okay daddy I love you mommy good night!
Victoria: Good night baby.

(Taylor takes Anthony to his room. Later on Taylor and Victoria are in their room talking.)

Victoria: Taylor I understand everything you've said to me and I do believe that Anthony is my only priority for now and him without me would be a disaster to him. He could of been going through the same thing I'm going through. I don't know what I was thinking.
Taylor: Baby like I said we'll get through this even if it takes us a million years.

scene 3:

(The alarm clock rings. Victoria and Taylor get ready for work. She also gets Anthony ready for school.)

Victoria: Have a good day at school baby.
Anthony: Bye mommy! Bye daddy!
Taylor:(kisses Victoria on the cheek) Bye babe have a good day at work today.
Victoria: You too sweetheart.

(Victoria enters her workplace and stops by her friend Alanna)

Victoria: Hey Alanna!
Alanna: Hey Vikky. I thought you got fired yesterday?
Victoria: Fired? What are you talking about? How can I be fired?
Alanna: well your boss was supposed to call you and tell you that yesterday.
Victoria: I didn't get his call. I'm gonna go speak with him right now.

(Victoria knocks on her bosses door)
Dan: C'mon in.

(she enters his office)

Victoria: Excuse me Dan, can I speak with you for a minute?
Dan: Sure Victoria, but I have to ask you why you are here in the first place.
Victoria: I know I'm fired Sir but why?
Dan: Well I noticed that you've missed 14 days of work in the last two months and well you know the rules. An employee can only miss 10 days out of the year.
Victoria: Please Sir I'm sorry can you please give me another chance. I promise that i'll miss less days now.
Dan:I'm very sorry Victoria but the rules are 10 days but obviously you missed more than that.
Victoria: But I only missed two more days! Please Dan!
Dan: Victoria your fired get over it. Security!

(Security comes and takes Victoria away)

Victoria: (screams) No! No! Please no! I have a son I have to support for. No!

Victoria:( crying) How can this happen?! How am I supposed to tell Taylor about this? How am I going to support my own son? Oh no this is not good. Not good at all.(sigh) My life is ruined. My life is finally ruined.

(Victoria takes out her meds and takes five pills out and swallows them)

Victoria: Hopefully this will make me feel better. I'm not going to have another relapse.

(her cell phone rings and she sees that it is Taylor calling)

Victoria: (anxious) Hey sweetie.
Taylor: Hey honey. You sound anxious, is everything fine over there?
Victoria: Yeah everything is fine over here. Just on my lunch break right now.
Taylor: Okay well tell Alanna I said hi for me.
Victoria: Yeah i will.
Taylor: Have a good day at work.
Victoria: Yeah you too.
Taylor: Bye I love you.
Victoria: Bye I love you too.

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