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A poem about letting go of the past.
The Spellcaster

She weaved a web of gossamer, a lie she told just once
It really was my deepest wish, turned ashen midnight dust.
A song I sang of simpler times, of cherished innocence
When life was sailing smoothly by, and brimmed of happiness.

Her smile was filled with daffodils, sunshine upon her face
Her heart however overflowed with avarice and mace.
My naive hope gave way to tears, I learned of her betrayal
A woman that was never mine, a mention that she failed.

She hopped about from toad to toad, and never found a prince
Her time had come, her time had passed, her lack of common sense.
For here I was a gentleman, a truthful, loyal king
One who'd gladly rend the stars, to fashion her a ring.

But life went on and time did heal my broken human heart
I found a truer love than hers, the one she tore apart.
My days are now my happiest: my wife is pure and true
I'm glad that life directed me to give up on the shrew.
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