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The first few chapters for a book I might write finally being updated again!

The moon was full tonight.

This simple fact filled Cindy with worry about the approaching transformation. Not hers of course, she wasn't a were-beast or anything remotly supernatural. It was her husband she feared for going out to become a wolf as he did every month.

The weather forecasted sever weather tonight, which meant her Harry and his friends might get caught in a hail storm or possibly even a tornado while they were wolves. Not only that, it ment that the vampires would be out tonight. They usually stayed in durring the full moon for fear of moonburn, but the thick clouds meant they were safe.

The vampires and werewolves didn't scare her, she'd shared her bed and life with a wolf for nearly four years and she was well armed in the case that either side confronted her. She carried a large cross in her purse that also concealed a silver blade which she had practiced tirelesly with. She feared for her husband.

She was snapped from her worries as she heard the song that had been playing winding to a close. She sat up in her seat and pressed the button for the microphone saying in a tired voice, "That was Dragonforce as requested by David. Are there any other request from whoever's listening tonight or will I have to take over the sound board again?"

Yes she was a late night radio DJ, not one of those oh so perky ones that still sounded wide awake at this ungodly hour, but one that sounded like everyone felt.

"Yes what's your request?" Cindy asked brushing a strand of her short black hair out of her face.

"You got anything by Red?" the caller, a teen punk by the sound of it, asked.

"No," Cindy said hanging up on him, "Guess its my choice then folks. Enjoy some real music by The Who."

She but on "The Kids Are Alright" and quietly returned to her brooding. According to Harry, his gang, the Weres, had been becoming increasingly hostile towards the local vampire gang, the Vamps. Despite the obvious lack of origionallity between the two gang leaders, they both seemed to have little care for their member's safety.

While no one had died yet, Harry had returned several times nursing large gashes. She feared that soon the gangs would officially declare war and plunge all of Waco into chaos as creatures of the night waged war in the streets. She'd feel much better about this once Harry home returned and assured her everything was alright.

God she hated this job. She'd rather work in a large shopping center or even a restraunt than this. With the job market in the slums now she was lucky to have even gotten this job despite her college degree. With her husband working at a pet shelter, they made just enough to keep them afloat. And with them working night shifts they got to see each other all day.

Finally the clock struck two and her shift was over. Cindy quickly said goodbye and chose a random song to play as she hustled outside.

The rain was pooring down and wind whipping as she trudged through the streets, usually she and Harry would drive the same car home from work. Their work sites being only a few blocks from each other, but on full moons he drove out West to a ranch house one of his friends owned where they could safely change. This left her to walk the two miles home in the rain, at least there was no hail yet.

"Do you need help getting home?" a young man wearing an overcoat asked walking out in front of her.

"No," Cindy said flatly not intimadated by the man in the least despite him being half a foot taller than her.

"Are you sure?" the man asked following her, "It's a full moon out tonight, something might try and eat you."

Cindy had expected as much, this man was a vampire who had marked a squat five foot three woman as easy prey. She whipped out her cross holding it loosly in her hand as she said, "I've spent every day of the last three years with a wolf, I'm not afraid of them, or hungry bloodfuckers like you."

The man glared at her saying, "Do you really believe me to be a monster?"

"I can see up salivating from here," Cindy chuckled, "You won't find me easy prey vampire, now be gone."

"You will soon see that you mutt of a husband won't be enough to protect you," the vampire hissed over the rain as he turned letting his trench coat flap like a cape.

Always ones for theater those vampires. But Cindy hurried on just in case, where there was one vampire there could be more. While she was confident she could win out over a single vampire or werewolf, multiple foes would easily overpower her.

She could almost feel an extra bite on the wind that signalled more vampires nearby, probably readying themselves for a dramatic entrance. Cindy hurried onwards her cross ready just in case she did stumble into a hungry crowd. But the bitting edge soon lessened before departing the night.

Cindy sighed only to curse as pea sized hailstones began to pelt her umbrella threatening to break it. As she arrived home she felt safe knowing that vampires couldn't enter without her permission. Even if they tried to send someone that followed them to get her, she had a loaded magnum at the ready.

Listening to the hail beat the roof she changed into her night clothes and went to sleep.


She was awakened about seven oclock the next day by pounding on the door. She though maybe someone had shreaded Harry's pants again while they were wolf and he'd lost his keys. She still brought her cross with her magnum with her, just in case, as she answered the door.

She was startled into full wakefulness as she saw two men, both obviously werewolves standing at her door holding a large bleeding sack. She recognized the one on the left from her husband's description. Sid, the alpha of the pack and gang, easily recognized by the large scar on his cheek from before he became a wolf.

"Ms. Keller?" Sid asked his voice that of someone who was about to do something unpleasent.

"Yes, what is it Sid?" Cindy asked flipping the safety off her gunn as she looked up at him.

"We would like to return what is left of your husband to you," the other wolf said handing her the bleeding sack.

A blizzard stronger than any she'd ever experienced before filled her body weakening her knees as she dropped the bag and it continued to leak blood over the floor. She staggered back aganst the fireplace clutching her hands to her head as she tried to bare the fact Harry was dead and she'd never see him alive again.

"How?" was all she could ask.

"A large sum of the Vamps attacked us last night durring the storm," Sid said walking forwards, "He was attacked by surprise and had his head torn off. We all began to try and fight them off, but such numbers of vampires is not an easy thing to bring down, even for a wolf pack. We managed to bring down six of them at the cost of seven more members."

The biting edge she had felt last night, she suddenly realized it had been a war party off to kill her husband. Maybe if she had attacked them instead of running from their precense, maybe Harry wouldn't have died.

"Ms. Keller," Sid said speaking loudly now standing over her with the other werewolf, "We need you to focus. The loss of your husband and the others is a tragic loss that we can not afford now that we are at war!"

"What?" Cindy asked her eyes widening at the mention of war.

"Much as I hate to say this we need new members willin-" Sid started.

Cindy saw that he and the other werewolf had started to change. She decided not to let them finish their sentence and take initiative. She fired a bullet up into Sid's chin, silver of corse, killing him instantly. The other was either smart or a coward having run out the open door the second he saw her gun start to move.

Cindy climbed to her feet and hurriedly got her keys and wallet as shehurried out to the car. She'd killed an Alpha, the pack would likily come after her now in force to avenge him before settling who the new alpha was. Her only hope was the police station, they should be able to help her.


She didn't even delay long enough to change out of her night gown.

Cindy closed and locked the door before loading another bullet into her magnum and calling the police. They picked up almost instantly asking her what her emergency was.

"Two men just broke into my house and attacked me," Cindy said not even trying to hide her fear, "I killed one of them, but the other ran off to get more help!"

"Are you hurt Ms.?" the police officer asked suddenly sounding much more interested.

"For now yes," Cindy answered, "But please hurry!"

"Don't worry Madam, we will be their shortly."

The line went dead and Cindy moved to the center of her house holding both her cross and magnum close just waiting for the sound of a door or window being forced open. She waited ten minutes in absolute silence, becoming more and more paranoid of every sound. She nearly peed herself when the doorbell rang.

She checked the peep hole gun pointing through the door in case it was a wolf ready to kick the door down as soon as she got close. She relaxed a bit as she saw a man and woman outside dressed in police uniform.

"Thank god you arrived," Cindy said opening her door to the two.

The woman froze as the scent of blood poured from the house and the man forced his way in grabbing hold of Cindy's gun hand and pointing it at the ground. His eyes narrowed as his hissed, "How dare you do this to Sid!"

Cindy recognized several of the subtile signs of a werewolf on the man and wasted no time in acting. With her free hand she drew the six inch silver edged blade from her cross and thrust it in the man's wrist. He released her as he clutched his hand as his whole arm burned like hellfire from silver posioning. Quickly and cooly Cindy fired another silver tipped bullet into the mans temple causing him to dropp to the ground.

"DROP YOUR WEAPONS!" the female officer shouted snapping out of the trance she'd been in for the last six seconds.

Cindy complied not doubting that the woman believed her to be a psyicopath at this point. The woman moved quickly into Cindy's house and made her lay on the ground, Cindy complied seeing no signs of the curse on her.

The woman seemed to only now see Sid's corpse and the bag containing Harry's corpse, still leaking blood.

"What's in that bag?" the woman asked her voice quavering now, "And why'd you kill my partner?"

"In that bag is my now late husband Harry," Cindy said calmly as she could, "That man laying dead over there brought me that bag and tried to make me one as well. I killed your partner because he was a member of that man's gang."

"Davis was not a member of any gang!" the woman growled keeping her gun trained on Cindy.

She had to be careful how she handled this, if she actually told the truth she'd be condemed as insane and locked up unarmed. Wolf bait. She finally said, "It's true, he wasn't a member of any traditional gang. But he was a member of the same gang my husband was part of. The signs are subtile and difficult to notice without being very familier with them. When he grabbed me I noticed them and reacted accordingly."

"We'll see what a polygraph test says as soon as my back up arrives," the woman growled.

"If I ask you to keep certain people away from me, I ask you obey that wish." Cindy said seeing the woman stiffen.

"I don't have to do anything for you," the police woman stated flatly.

"Then there blood will be on your hands."

The police woman snarled as she cuffed Cindy and led her out to the police car and drove her to the police station.

"I don't believe it," the man working the polygraph said looking over the paper the machine had been steadily spitting out, "According to this she's telling the truth, or at least believes she is."

"She's obviously insane or dilousional, or both," the officer who'd arrested Cindy all but shouted, "There is no way in hell that Frank was part of some dangerous gang!"

"Was he here yesterday?" Cindy asked calmly.

"No," the officer snarled, "He likes to romance his wife once a month, he usually chooses the full moon to be extra romantic." She was obviously trying to make Cindy feel bad.

"Hard to be romantic with that storm we had last night," Cindy said levely, "His gang always gathers on the full moon to meet, that's where he was."

"You lieing piece of-!" the officer snarled raising her hand.

Sherral!" the man at the polygraph snapped.

She froze obviously still wanting to slap Cindy but knowing it would probably cost her her job if she did. Still she looked tempted.

With a snarl of fury she lowered her hands to her side and stormed out of the room in a huff. The polygraph expert watched her go before turning to Cindy to say, "Now Ms Enclave, I know there is something you're not telling me. Your story, while true, seemed to be lacking several details that will be vital in tracking down your husbands killers."

"Would you believe me if I said these gangs were composed of vampires and werewolves," Cindy asked cocking an eyebrow.

"No," the man said before frowning at his machine, "And the fact the machine says you do leads me to believe Sherral, that you are certifiably insane and deserve to be locked in an insane asylum."

Before either could say anything else someone outside of the room shouted, "Officer down!" followed quickly by a gunshot which precieded several more. The man at the polygraph drew his standard issue pistol and hurried out to aid in the gun fight. Cindy unplugged herself from the machine and low crawled out of the room to avoid both fire and sight of the wolves who were obviously attacking. Indeed she saw several had actually come as wolves.

Gun fire danced back and forth across the police station as the wolves who'd remained human fired at the officers and those who hadn't largely ignored the gunfire to maul any officers they caught. Cindy hurried across the room to the evidence locker where they undoubtedly had her gun and cross. As she got into the room she heard a cop demand, "Why aren't they dieing!?"

Cindy began to hurriedly search through to evidence cases searching for her weapons and managed to find hers in the tenth case she opened. She hurried back to the room's entrance with her magnum in hand and peeked out to see that half the police officers lay on the ground suffering from bullet wounds and bite marks. The rest were firing despritly at the advancing intruders. Cindy fired off two shots, one going into a wolf who dropped with a whine and lay still the second into a man's arm who dropped to the ground screaming in pain but managing to shout, "They're using silver!"

The second those words passed his lips the gathered wolves began to flee the building without even bothering to cover themselves. Cindy managed to cap a couple more before they escaped. Once they were gone, she made hers running through the evidence room to a window. She climbed out the window, clung to the sides and dropped the remaining six feet. She managed not to break anything as she began running back to her home still dressed in her now ruined nightgown.

Upon arriving she darted pass the police tape through her open door and gathered up her keys and all her silver bullets before dressing and packing up. She knew she couldn't stay in Waco now, with both the police and werewolves hounding for her, it would be suicidal. After she tossed a few clothes into her bags and got dressed she drove to the bank to empty her accounts.

With all her money ready and as packed as she was going to get, she drove out of Waco as quickly as she could planning to head to mexico hoping the hotter weather and brighter sun would discourage both vampires and werewolves.


As Cindy settled into her room that night at a motel she found along the side of the road she felt a chill pass over her. At first she thought nothing of it, the hotel air conditioner was going full blast and had given her gooseflesh several times now. But as it grew she began to recognize the chill as the chill she'd felt on the night of her husband's death.

She flew to the window where she saw a half dozen shapes shifting through the parking lot. She drew her cross from her purse and walked out of her room looking and ducked behind a brick support beam just as a dart shot past her at about neck level.

"So what are a bunch of bloodfuckers like you doing out here in the middle of no where?" Cindy asked, "I though you all liked the big city scene."

"The werewolves are interested in you," one of the vampires said smoothly in a quiet voice that seemed to call for absolute attention, "That makes you of interest to us. They were willing to reveal themselves to the public for a chance of catching you."

"So what are your plans then?" Cindy asked noticing that their was a vampire heading for each staircase to try and cut her off.

"You'd make a beauty of a vamp," the leader said a smile coming to his voice.

Cindy leapt back into her room dodging two darts that embedded themselves in the cieling as she grabbed her bag and bolted out of her room using her bag as a shield. Three darts slammed into it as Cindy charged the lighter of the two vampires. The vampire smiled and swung at her punching a hole clean through her bag, but strong as they are, vampires are lightwieghts when it comes to taking damage. Cindy slammed his bag into the vampire's chin putting her full hundred seventy pounds behind it lifting him off the ground and sending him tumbling down the stairs to the sound of cracking bones.

Cindy scooped up her bag using it as a shield once more and yelping as darts danced pass her undefended legs. She got her keys in her car as the first vampire grabbed her from behind, she shoved her cross into his face making him cry out in agony and sending him stumbling away as the second grabbed her arms. She spat in his face, blinding him, before breaking his knee causing him to release long enough for her to slam her bag into his face knocking him to the ground. The one female of the group knocked her flat on her back as it drew a dart.

Cindy drew her hidden knife and got a lucky throw that pierced its chest at the heart. She knew that wasn't enough to kill it as she scrambled up enough to rip a good gash with the knife before plunging her free hand into the gash and grabbing hold of the bitch's heart. She twisted and pulled but couldn't seem to pull it free until the one she'd scalled with her cross tried to toss her away. The heart clutched in her hand turned to ash as the female vampire screamed and collapsed into a pile of, what she was told, was the base ingredients of the human body.

This brought a cry from the crowd of people who'd been comming out of their rooms attracted by the noise. The started vampired turned to gaze at them in shock and fear giving Cindy a chance toss her bag, weapons, and herself in the car and start it up. She planned to gun the engine and tear out of the parking lot, until she saw the leader standing before her glaring with blood red eyes. She wasn't as sensitive as Harry was to the power of a vampire, but she could tell he was one of the greats.

She threw herself into reverse nearly running over the vampire behind her in her haste before flooring it towards the freeway. It was only then that Cindy realized how exsausted she was and just how lucky she was to even be alive. She'd managed to fight off six diffrent vampires at once, a something for the record books, and survived. She knew that she'd never be able to do it again having probably used her whole life's worth of luck in the minute it had taken to escape.

Behind her she felt a chill that let her know she wasn't out of the woods yet. She could almost feel those angry red eyes behind her as she gunned the engine for all it was worth, unable to stop or sleep until the sun began to come up about five.


The new motel Cindy was in was little better than the first, but that didn't matter, it was cheap, she'd collapsed and fallen asleep the second she'd entered. Acording to the news it was now five and the news was advertizing a story about a Waco police station coming under attack and a fight that had broken out at the Motel she'd been staying at.

Cindy cursed as she fell back on her bed rubbing her temples in frustration. She was trying to lay low as she escaped to somewhere with fewer monsters instead she'd caused two news worthy events and now had police, werewolves, and vampires after her. She wanted someone to hold onto, she wanted to hand this to someone else, she wanted Harry.

She felt tears overwhelm her as she thought of him and sobbed into her hands for the injustice of his death and the fact she didn't even get to say goodbye, bury him, or even mourn him before all this shit happened and she became a fugitive. Maybe it would be easier if she just gave up and gave into the Were's, she was tempted, but doubted they'd just change her now, they'd probably kill her slowly for killing Sid, even if he was a prick. No, what she needed was to fight... yeah right.

She'd already burned a lifetime of luck in the police station and at the motel fighting off an army of supernatural beast, no way she could possibly pull either of those stunts again. She felt a cold dread at the thought of that angry old one cornering her, from what she'd been told the old ones weren't scared of most holy symbols, garlic, and some could even be submerged or tolerate sunlight. No way she could handle that, she needed someone tougher, someone stronger, someone more use to combat, she needed a body guard.

She headed down to the motel's business center where she yahoo'd bodyguards for hire in Texas and was surprised by the 130k hits. She smiled as she muched her toast scanning AS&I, houston legal, and Reynolds protection serves with fading hope. All of these businesses charged more than she could afford per day and probably wouldn't react well to the supernatural. She added supernatural to her search as one last despirit hope.

Only eight thousand hits and most of them seemed to refer to books and tv shows, but first on the list was something that seemed to good to be true. A man asking if you had supernatural problems and needed a bodyguard/assassin to take care of them, she clicked on the sight and got a picture of a large musclular man with a shotgun and a long speel about how she could pay as little as food, board, and expenses to hire him as well as seeing several pictures of him wrestling what looked to be a real werewolf, a set of clothes that were probably a vampire in a headlock, and a picture of him with a car over his head. It all seemed a little corny, but she needed a body guard and the man promised to deal with werewolves, vampires, witches, and even the occassional haunting.

She dialed the number given on the websight and got a fairly quick answer "Hello hello?" a bright sunny voice on the phone answered.

"Is this Drake's antisupernatural protection service?" Cidney asked wondering if she'd made some big mistake.

"You bet it is mam!" the voice said excitededly, "You need protection or an assassination? Just so you know, assassinating ghost cost extra."

"Look I'm being hunted by werewolves and vampires due to a little accident and need protection," Cidney said now seriously considering if this was a mistake.

"Alrighty then, just give me your current location and name and I'll be right over," the voice on the phone said in a tone that suggested the talker felt like dancing, "We can discuss the price as soon as I arrive."

Cindy hesitated before telling the man the location of her hotel, this seemed like a horrible idea now. But she didn't have a better option and simply sat down and took her bath wishing she had another option. She had just gotten out of the tub when she heard someone knocking on the door, she hurriedly got dressed and answered seeing four goth looking teens waiting for her.

"The dark lord of the Vamps requires you," one of the kids said as the others readied razor blades, "I ask that you come with u-"

A quick crotch shot had the boy on the ground and distracted his friends long enough for Cidney to close and bolt the door. She grabbed her magnum and waited beside the door listening to what the kids were saying.

"That hurt." one moaned.

"I can't seem to pop the lock with my driver's liecence," another muttered

"Razor blades are no good on these types of doors," another said calmly, "Bet the four of us could smash it open."

"This wouldn't happen to be Ms. Keller's room would it?" the voice from the phone asked suddenly.

"What do you wan-?" one of the teens started to snarl before being cut off by something.

"I asked," the voice rumbled suddenly sounding much more dangerous, "Is this Ms. Keller's room?"

"I don't know!" on of the kids whimpered, "We were just told to bring this hag to some guy playing vampire!"

"I see," the voice said before taking a tone like god's, demanding obidence, "Go away."

Cidney could hear several set of footsteps hurrying away and the sounds of car doors slamming and tires peeling before she heard a light tapping on the door and the voice back to its sunny tone, "Hello? Ms. Keller? It's me Drake your bodyguard!"
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