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by Lola
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A story in progress.. I've barely begun.
Ashton City Limits

         Chloe and Jane stumbled onto each other in high school.  They had passed in the halls a hundred times without a second glance.  Each girl was caught up in their own endless angst and social awkwardness.  They hadn't realised that there lives were really just beginning.  They bore the weight of adolescence without any hope their lives would get much better.  There's so much we don't know at that age.  The slow progression into adulthood leaves a teenager feeling powerless.  Our bodies and minds scream with knowledge and a bold sense of entitlement.  The world is ours, now just give it to us.  Chloe and Jane wanted it all but were afraid to ask.
         Each girl existed in her shell.  Chloe was content to live inside her own head.  She daydreamed through classes and floated lazily through her studies.  She never dared to stand out, always afraid she would make a mistake.  Jane sought acceptance in every place she could.  She made friends with every clique, but her stark honesty always drew her out.  She would gladly flatter anyone she wanted to get close to, then insult them just as the friendship had begun.  She didn't care for books or studying.  School was a place to play.  Chloe's lust for knowledge was something she would never understand.  Apart they were two lost soul's searching for an answer that didn't exist. 
         They sat next to each other in biology.  Chloe diligently took notes Jane conned her into copying. 
         “Did you get last weeks outline off the board?” Jane smiled brightly knowing Chloe couldn't refuse.  “I tried to pay attention, but you know..”
         Chloe wished she would leave her alone.  She knew she was being used.  “Yeah, but they won't help you now.  The test is today.”
         “Let me copy you.”
         Chloe liked to think she had morals.  She knew she wasn't helping Jane by floating her along.  Of course, if she didn't agree Jane could pester her to death.  It was easier just to give in.  They both did well on the test.  At least Jane was smart enough to reword the essay questions.
         Their friendship didn't really begin then.  Then Jane was still seeking popularity and knew Chloe would get her nowhere.  The mousy brunette that got her through that semester irritated her more than anything.  She was too quiet, too morose.  Jane thought the girl desperately needed to grow a personality. 
         Of course Jane couldn't know at that time Chloe was beginning to feel the same way.  She had begun drinking and smoking with some kids she knew down the road.  With alcohol riding shotgun Chloe developed quite a personality.  She just couldn't take it to school to show off.  She began distancing herself even more from her peers.  Only a solid buzz quieted the increasing depression.
         That was freshman year.  High school had barely begun. 
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