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Vampiar War story, with action and romance.
Chapter One

Another Fight

The sounds of screams, cries and shootings wake me up in early morning, another fight. There awake, and there hungry.
There is war. A war between Humanity and immortal. There is no beginning and no Ending. We're stuck into a life full of grief, death, hate, and evil. The immortal are all around us, Schools,Work, Parks,
Public transport everywhere! Problem being, we don't know which of us is immortal and which of us humanity.

My brother in his Blue and white spotty Pajamas and his scruffy light brown hair came running into my room panicking.
'Sis, theres another fight isn't there? When will it stop? I'm tired.'
I sat up, moving my dark brown hair from my face, squinting my green eyes.
' Yes, Jack...it won't ever stop....here listen to this until you can get some sleep'' I said Pulling my draw grabbing my Mp3 player, passing it to Jack.
'OK, Thanks sis' Jack smiled. Then walking out of the room.

I peeped out of the window, into the town street, some of the Army and Police were looking lifeless on the streets, Pale as snow. They didn't stand a chance. The army and Police don't bother with Stakes, Garlic, and Holy water all that mythical bollocks, that doesn't kill them, The immortal have to be killed a certain way either stabbed right in the neck or injected with something called alade type A. It's not a easy thing to do, there fast. Faster than any human on this planet. There strong, and there most likely get to you before you get to them. I've lost my mother because of them.
I've counted 15 Police dead, and 4 Army people dead. And Just three vampires dead.
' What the Fuck are you doing? You One of us' Someone shouted, I looked to the left of the window two vampires were fighting, I watched.
' Just leave them alone, you've eaten already' The other shouted back, with his dark, hair, and plain white shirt, and Grey trousers. I couldn't quite see his face.
' Who the Fuck says I'm hungry? Earth should be ours, The master said! Don't you ever listen? He said with his, polo top and tracksuit bottoms, pushing the other Vampire over.
' I don't care what the master say, I don't want to be like you. I don't want to be some sort of Monster some kind of beast like you! 'the other shouted, trying to get up.
Two other Vampires came standing with the vampire in tracksuit bottoms. The three looked at each other.
'You will take that back! You are one of us! And you will never disobey the Master! He is our God! The tracksuit bottom Vampire' Walking to the other clenching his fists. The other two follow.
' No, Joe, Please.' The other said still trying to get up. I looked away knowing what was going to happening next. I could hear screams of pain from this unusual Vampire, and then Psychophysical laugher from the other Vampires. Then silence. The three Vampires went. Leaving yet other lifeless body on the street floor, I looked closely at him,I could see him moving, moving as if he was trying to get up. I didn't think twice, shoved my slippers on and grabbed my coat. Ran though the front door, to the lifeless vampire

I ran to the lifeless body, he wasn't moving. Is he dead?
'Hello?' I asked hoping for a response. The body slowly turned over.
'ugh,' he moaned.
'Do you have a name' I asked nicely.
' It's Kev' He mumbled.
'OK, Kev, i'm Hannah, i'm gonna carry you at home alright' I smiled, trying to pick him up.
'No, Hannah..you mustn't ..you don't know who I am, It's to dangerous for you' He mumbled.
'I'm perfectly aware of that, Now can you stand up? Kev? Kev? I asked, then noticing he passed out.

I sat on the chair by the sofa, where Kev was resting. He woke up, looking really confused. Then realizing he had a pain by his eye. He looked around
' Where the hell am I? And who are you? And shit you're Human! Kev said confused.
' You at my house, I'm Hannah...and how do you know I'm human? I said surprised.
' Oh..yeah I vaguely remember you saying last night, I know because I can smell you, humans have a different smell to us Vampires' Kev explained.
'I saw what happened last night' I muttered.
' Yeah, well, lets pretend you didn't hear about any of It yeah? He asked moodily. The room went silent.
Then Kev sat up.
' So why, don't you want to eat us?' I asked. Kev looked angry about the conversation I was trying to start, but he talked anyway.
' I don't like being a monster' He replied.
' But, What do you eat? You have to have blood right? Can't you die? I asked. Kev paused then smiled, then let out a little giggle.
'Whats to funny' I said confused.
'Oh, nothing...it's just your a strange little person, it's like you want to be killed, you ask a lot of questions too' He smiled. I felt awkward, then looked down.
'Sorry' I muttered
'Haha, I'll answer your questions, Yes I could die if I don't have blood, but I have blood from chickens, Pigs, and Cows...it's not the same, but it's enough to keep me alive' Kev explained.
I was surprised, I thought the immortal were all the same. All evil, heartless and selfish,just killing people as if were just a game.

'I better be off' Kev announced getting up, then looking around the room with his dark Grey big eyes. He then came across a picture of me, my brother and my mother.
' Is that your mother,she looks like you and is that your little brother” he asked looking at the picture closely.
'yeah, my ...my mothers dead now' I explained.
'oh..i'm sorry to hear that...how' He asked uncomfortably. I went silent, and looked away.
'Killed' I muttered.
'oh' He said looking really angry.
I sat back down, looking down at the floor, trying not to think about my mother, I can't believe my mum got murdered by vampires and yet I've been stupid enough to bring one into my house...It should be OK, he's not like the others... I should trust him. I heard him muttering under his breath, his pupils were bigger, he looked pissed off, he frown, and clenched his big fists.
' Whats wrong?' I asked
'Them! Us! They've fucked up peoples lives just killing people as they please, Yeah there hungry...I'm hungry, but thats no excuse, they just do it for fun..and there own selfishness..There trying to kill the humanity on this planet, so they can have it to themselves. And for those who don't agree become slaves to the killers, They torture people like me...as well as you humans! And I fucking hate it something has to be done...i'm sick of it all' He said raising his voice full of anger and destruction.
My mouth went dry.
' What do you mean torture?' I mumbled. Kev raised his head, he gave me a horrific stare
'Why ask that? Your really are an odd person, Very well then. For a start they ripe out chunks of you with there teeth, they lock you in cages with nails for walls, they've been known to stab peoples eyes out, they burn you with the letters DA, they drown people for a short amount of time, then do it again and again, they lock people in rooms spraying acid just enough to burn a few layers of skin, the vampires love the sound of people screaming and crying, it excites them. They cut peoples tongues off, they electrocute people, the list goes on.' He said, his eyes were watery, his fists were shaking. I
looked at his arm and noticed scars and a burned DA sign.
' You were a slave weren't you? I asked. He looked down,
'Yeah, I get taken there, in Scotland. I escaped, I don't know how' He mumbled.
'What...what did they do to you?' I asked. Kev looked really irritated, and gave me an evil stare
'Thats enough questions for one day, I have to go...be safe.' he said, then rushing out of the room. I tried to follow but by the time I went outside he wasn't there, gone like a flash of lightning.

Chapter two

Its morning, i'm still having thoughts about Kev, what a strange person, yet so interesting. Jack came down stairs, rubbing his eyes. Then sat at the table.
'Who was that last night sis, i heard you talking'
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