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by Nik
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The Path To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions
Wrote this awhile ago. Just thought I'd put it up. It's one of my favorites. It was originally meant to be a song, but I wasn't able to come up with a suitable chorus.

"Wake up" was the first thing she said
"You had me scared, I thought you were dead"
"Leave me, my love" I shouted out
"You deserve better than me-
-I'm all bled out."

She walks away; tears come to her eyes
We were confusing bullets for butterflys
Young love is just some game that we play
These scars are the price that we pay

"Go on without me"
She will not look me in the eyes
After all that I said
I can't say I'm too surprised

She says "You took the knife
then you stabbed me deep
but I'll rub the scar
it's the only memory I want to keep"

She walks away and all the blame
it comes back to me
It's not the same without that flame
Memories cut deep

I am the instrument of my own demise
(I've brought this on myself)
I'm sorry you're a chapter in my book of lies
Give me one chance to look you in the eyes
(so I can say I'm sorry)
but it's too late; I don't even deserve to try
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