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Rated: E · Novel · Family · #1663859
A diary of my going on's during my time as a nanny to two children Hariette and Adelle
Tues 8th November

Very Odd start to the day; was just drifiting through a state of sleep drunkeness and blinding awakness when my room dorr was unceremoniously flung openwith a bang. Blareing at the sudden intrusion of light emmiting from the vicinity of the door i made out the silouet of a bad temperd 3 year old, puffing herself up with and air of madness almost as frightnigly wild as her hair. Assessing that it was 5:35 am from my alarm clock, i eased myself (into what you could call a sitting possition) onto my elbows and let a sigh escape from my nose.
"Whats wrong Hariette?" I quizzed the little girl
"You promised pancakes" she accused with enough momentum to make me feel as though i had commited several gervious murders
"Harri, darling, its five fourty, Breakfast isn't untill 6:30, thats a fifty minuet gap, till then go back to bed" I told her rubbing the bridge of my nose wearily sleep impounding my eyes together. Hariette steped further into the room atring at me madeningly. Then with the tone of a detached housewife, she said "I've tried to sleep but its not possible" she widend her eyes dareing me to contradict her, she added "I'm too hungry to sleep". Reluctantly, i shed my quilt and got out of bed, begining my day 30 minuets earlier than i had hoped

3:30 pm; Living in the states isn't all it's cracked up to be; back home in England, the US is depicted as a land of happy people with extrodinary white teeth, huge homes and damn fast cars. Yes, while they do have all those things, the country also has a image that is kept hidden well from other nations. Bitchiness. My god are those women bitchy. The ammount of times i have seen Mrs.Daynton invite "The Ladies" over for a "Lunchen" talk, tinkling with false laughter at their comments, gossip like bees and talk about their husbands. Yet the moment these "Ladies" back's are turned the knives come out and all secrets are told and comments are made...
"Mrs.Kalowski's husband is screwing his secratarey"..."No wonder she looks like shit, she's gained at least 10 pounds"..."God FAT sloaney milch cow". But, living in silicone valley you become accustomed to fakery; from fake boobs to fake people (especially the people) and the fake personalities that most Hollywoodiens present themselves with. But, thats the price you pay to earn £35,000 a year doing hardley any work, and £5000 additional per year per child. £45,000 a year? I'll take fakery any day
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1663859-The-Diary-Of-A-Possessed-Nanny