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A writing piece I wrote just to show everyone what we're doing to animals' homes.
It started out as a nice, crisp afternoon. The pup leaped to catch the hare in mid hop, hoping to have it for lunch.
         The grey-patched fur zoomed far into the air, yet flopped down the forest floor, missing the rodent entirely.
         Lu was only a young wolf. Born less then a year ago. Yet he was already out on his own, trying to defend his poor, weak body.
         But he didn’t expect to be like this at all! It all started and was going along quite well. And no one would have ever seen this life for Lu was coming in a blink of an eye.

Lu was born into a family with only his mother and one brother. The whereabouts of his father were never told to him, so the pup just figured he never did have one to start with. But Lu had three other brothers; only one of them, including him, lived through the painful birth.
         When his eyes finally opened for the first time since his life, Lu could remember seeing a small; overcastted shed defending his family from all danger. And it wasn’t much of a shelter either. Holes were protruding throughout the structure, wind and rain easily found its way inside.
         And it was defiantly not all that comfortable either. There was dead hay everyway, only a petit ripped up pillow that all the feathers were pulled out, and a tiny tin pail that sat nearby the door to collect rain water that fell and to drink it.
         But it fit the trio of wolves quite well. Although they were only in for sleeping and hiding from the cold weather, Lu was content with his small home.
         Best of all, they were alone. The shed used to be property to an abandoned farmhouse, but the house was on its edge and it was a habitat to no one but other animals looking for shelter.
         No humans were within miles of the shed. And the wolves were happy with that.
         But that was when civilization was down to a minimum. Not much people even lived in the closest village or town. But as time went on and more humans were invading the earth, the cities become bigger as the forest got smaller.

Soon enough, Lu could hear the cars rushing up, the yelling of the complaints from the humans and the low, and beautiful sound Mother Nature’s creations.
         Lu’s mother started to get worried of her son’s lives, scared that humans would one day come across them. And knowing people these days, they would kill the wolves in the split of a second. No doubt about it.
         But the family stayed in their little home, luckily not getting founded out by the humans.
         But searching for food was terribly hard in these days. Prey was disappearing with the race of people growing. All the berries and other edible plants were all died off from the cutoff of nature that had once inhabited there.
         And this problem changed Lu’s life forever. And it would never go back to being the same ever again.

Lu and his brother, Remm, had gotten into the habit of collecting their food from a close by dumpster.
         They found out that humans threw away all sorts of provisions without a care of finishing it. So the two wolves took advantage of it.
         Lu and Remm were scrounging around in the depth of galore of the giant trash can, one summer’s morning.
         Remm was digging inside the dumpster and Lu was below on the ground, burrowing up the food that was piled on the paved sidewalk.
         Neither of them heard a quiet truck pull up. The driver obviously sighted the animals looking for food and quickly jumped out of the vehicle.
         Lu was unnoticeable to the man’s eye, but Remm was in full view. The poor pup only looked up just in time to feel the man grabbing him up, and taking him to his car.
         Lu watched in horror as the human pushed Remm into the door of the truck. And then they were gone. Remm was gone.
         He stood there for a moment, completely dazed at the incident.
         But then his senses took over. Lu glanced around; looking for more people, than ran back as fast as his short legs could carry him, back to Mother.
         It seemed that Lu’s mother could feel a discomfort, and discovered that her other son was gone. She was sure that Remm was never coming back. And Lu knew it too. But what could they do now? Only live on with the live they each had left.

Weeks went by after the capture of Remm, Lu and his mother were still alive and well. At least, not searched out by any humans.
         The pup did not know why, but he knew his mother wanted to leave. They had to escape this imprisonment somehow and get away to the forest where no town was near. But to do that, the duo had to cross the village.
         So they waited until dark to leave. The town was all hushed at the night and it gave Lu as nice feeling. But he had a mission to do.
         His mother and him managed to make it to the where the town started: a small parking lot that belonged to a dog pound. But the wolves didn’t know the wiser.
         Stupid enough, they sped across the lot, but Lu’s mother lost all strength and collapsed, right in the middle of the parking lot.
         What could Lu do, but wait. They had just run nonstop for about a half hour, and he couldn’t blame his mother for being pooped.
         She was so tired and didn’t bother to sniff out a nearby tall, elderly man watching them from his car that was as a few distances away.
         He was the manager of the dog pound and in this dark; they resembled stray dogs to him.          
         He moved very swiftly and quietly, as the man trotted back inside for a net.          
         Minutes later, they were still there unaware of this life changing incident.
         The man ran at them with force and plunged the large net over top of both of them.
         Lu and his mother tried to escape, but it was too late.

They were now a member of the pound family. The man captured them a few nights before, and the duo had been there since.
         Lu’s mother had tried an escape dozen of times, but none had ever succeeded, to their dismay.
         But a miracle moment happened that lucky for the young Lu, but sadly not for his mother.
It was yet another dark, summer night. All was silent in the pound. All other dogs were asleep or just keeping their mouths shut.
         They were only under the eye of a security guard. Well, so to speak. Now, he was slumbering on a couch in the other room, snoring loudly.
         It was just a stroke of luck when Lu’s mother’s claw hooked against the lock and slowly broke it open.
         With a creak, the door swung open and Lu and his mother hopped down. They were free. Well, very close to it.
         The door was locked also. But they did not give up trying to wiggle away out.
         Lu came upon a window. It was closed also, but could be opened with a slight push of the paw.
         He jumped onto the desk, making a cluster of paper fall to the floor, along with the lamp.
         This blow woke the officer up with a start, and soon enough he was chasing the wolves around the small pound.
         But Lu, with his small body, pushed the window opened, and fell out the other side.
         He stood under it, waiting for his mom to fall out too. But sadly, it never happened.
         About twenty minutes flew by and Lu didn’t even see a glimpse of his mother.
         All was quiet after those minutes. No sound was made.
         Lu finally made up his mind that his mother was never going to hop out the window.
         Another loved one gone. All to the world that men has created.

Lu trudged his way back home, seeing no reason to continue on his way anymore. His mother was gone. His brother was never coming back. Everyone who Lu had known and loved disappeared because of the evilness of men, how didn’t give a care about how the poor animals felt. They just harassed, killed, starved and basically mocked the forest dwellers of their lives.
         Lu had lived on. He made sure that he stayed away from the town and did all his business within the forest trees.
         He didn’t want to live like this. But Lu had no choice. All thanks to the humans and their greed and lust, the pup had to look after his life with more defenses.
         This story was based on a fictional plot, but the way the humans have raided the earth is real.
         We have almost made numerous animals go extinct, more without a home and a lot more just starved to death.
         Why can’t we think of animal’s feelings? They have them just as much as us.
         I’ll leave you with the thought. Next time you see a wandering, wild animal travel through your backyard or out in the forest, leave it. He hadn’t done a thing to you. He doesn’t deserve it.
         None of them deserve this horrible treatment.
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