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Very good reasons why I think dogs are way better than cats.
Note before reading:
Please do not get angry with me if I offended your love for cats. I am just stating my opinion with those creatures and you do not have to agree with me.

Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?

Why are dogs better than cats? I can find so many reasons supporting my idea.
         For everyone that knows me really well, they’d know that I am a giant dog freak. I have posters hanging on my wall, most of my stories are about them, I know every single dog breed of life! But with cats, I only know enough about them to know that I would never want one, nor like them more then man’s best friend.

I have met tons of people that say that cats are more fancy and exotic and should own them as pets. But don’t believe all those cat lovers. Yes, I do agree that cats are much more easier to buy for. They don’t need as much as dogs do. But dogs are much more caring then cats, and repay you for all of your money and time you put out for them.

Dogs think you are the most greatest person in the world, even if you are down in the dumps and horrible to be around with.
         When you arrive at home from work or school, dogs are there to greet you, there to lick you to death. Dogs cannot wait to see you.
         Cats on the other hand, they are only waiting at the door for you to fill up their food bowl or fix up a nice little bed for them.

Dogs are really caring pets. When you are a grumpy poor sport, a dog will try and cheer you right up, even if that just means placing themselves next to you and putting their head on your laps.
         Cats wouldn’t give a darn hoot about your feelings and avoid your bad attitude as long as they could manage.
They protect us if necessary. If a robber ever enters the house, a dog will try in all of their will to defend his master.
         Cats would just stop, stare at the robber, and continue to groom themselves to perfection.

Dogs will engage themselves in play with you, trying to make you smile and laugh at all of their antics. They share their ball or toy with you and allow yourself to use them also.
         And while this fun time is going on, cats will be inside the house playing with their mice and balls, and not bothering to share them with anyone but themselves.

Dogs do indeed need lots of exercise just like us. And they help us stay in shape, because while we’re taking them out for a walk, we are also keeping fit ourselves.
         Cats don’t need exercise. Therefore, we wouldn’t get as much outside time as we would with a dog.

Now, if a dog knows his name quite well, he would come when you call. If he hears you loud and clear, the dog will come running as soon as his name was heard.
         No matter if the cat knows his name, it will hardly come when you call whatsoever.

Dogs listen. When you open up to speak to your friend, they will try and hang on to your every word.
         But with cats, they meow and walk away.
         Do I have you convinced?

No matter how old or young a dog is, you can always teach them a trick or two. Even if they don’t get it first try, dogs will soon learn what you are trying to tell them.
         Cats, young and old, will not be able to learn tricks. Kind of sad, being in the life of a cat, if you know what I mean.

Till the day you die, dogs will love you through anything you do. You may hurt in them one way or another, but the canines will always forgive you and continue to give affection through their daily lives.
         But cats will not love you till your death. If you make one mistake to tick them off, the felines will go crazy and make you suffer for everything you have ever done to them.
         Come on? You have to believe that dogs are better now.

Dogs are not selfish. They will carry you through your troubles big or small! Most times, they put you in front of their needs.
         Meh, but cats only care about what you intend on cooking for dinner that night. Pretty selfish, eh?

Dogs come in different varieties. Look at a Maltese, then at a Rottweiler. The figures of the two breeds are totally opposite in so many ways.
         Cats all have the same silhouette. With the pointy ears, slender body, dainty paws and the thin tail.          
         I swear the only that varies in the cat breeds are the colour.

Unlike cats on so many levels, dogs love us unconditionally. No matter what we do, dogs will be there for give us support. But if you just glance at the cat side. All you see are the prissy little felines bathing themselves on the sidelines, not giving a care in the world what you are doing at that very moment.
         Stop and think about this.
Dogs love us. Cats don’t even like us.
No matter what we do to them, dogs still come back. And with cats, they hiss in our faces and walk away.
We can abuse dogs all we want, but they will still never leave. Cats disappear.
Dogs can be taught tricks. Cats can be taught to rip up your cough if you don’t give them what they want.
Dogs can keep us healthy. Cats make us go bald with all the hair we pull out with stress from trying to take care of them.
Dogs obey. Cats smirk and walk away.

Have I changed your mind about these creatures we call cats? Hopefully, you now believe that a dog will make a far better pet then any cat any day.
         There is a reason why dogs are called ‘Man’s Best Friend.’ What are cats called? The personal couch ripper.
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