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One simple way of becoming more organized. I am a mom who recently found a new BFF.
One simple way of becoming more organized
You need a BFF……a smart phone. There is no BFF like a smart phone

Let's face it. Life can be stressful for most moms. Work, kids, chores, errands, appointments…the list goes on and on. Do you have "momnesia"? Is your designer purse filled with post it notes? Have you ever left the grocery list on the kitchen table and only realized it when you got to the grocery store? Have you progressively gotten worse at staying in touch?

The solution is simple. You need a BFF……a smart phone.

Here are 5 things your new BFF will do for you that will absolutely make life a little easier:


Unless you enjoy the clutter, there will no longer be a need to have a zillion post-it notes in your purse or on the fridge. Simply enter everything in your smart phone and be clutter free!

Personal assistant

Ever wondered how it feels to have a personal assistant? That dream may never come true but settling for an electronic Personal Assistant really is not so bad. Too busy to answer the phone? Your smart phone is smart enough to take a message. Don't want to forget junior's next doctor's appointment? Your smart phone can remind you. Need to make a note of your million dollar idea? Guess what….a smart phone can do that too!


Staying in touch is easy……not! With many busy moms, friendship often takes a back seat. The occasional phone call or email when you have a few minutes to yourself won't help you build or keep good friendships. With a smart phone you don't even have to talk on the phone if you don't want to!. You can text, email or better yet, get on facebook. Plus you don't have to wait till everyone's in bed and settled. You can communicate pretty much wherever you are with whomever you want.

Keep up with the gossip…..or the news

Do you keep up with the Kardashians or enjoy getting the scoop on Kate Gosselin? Want to know what is going on in the entertainment world with the real and fake celebrities? Or are you more uppity and want to know what the CNN headlines are and what the stock market is doing? How many Moms have time to watch TV or surf the web? In reality, by the time the kids are in bed many moms are about ready to drop except that there may be one more load of laundry to finish. Don't be left out anymore. Get the news, the gossip, the weather and everything else by just pushing a few buttons on your phone.

Pictures and videos
How many "cute moments" have you missed because you were trying to find the camera? Can the camera and video camera fit in your purse with the other “necessities”? Probably not

If you are struggling to stay on top of things. If you are tired of the clutter in your purse and in your home. If the chaos is becoming unbearable for you, invest in a smart phone.

I am a mom who recently found a new BFF and it has changed my life. There is no BFF like a smart phone
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