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Is your head a box of stars that you never dare to open?
Please fight your hungry demons on your own fertile soil…
My land is already broken-lifeless and barren
Desolate plains and parched valleys of what has become my existence
Withering trees, dead flowers strewn across your path

And as I walk heavy footed through your heart’s cruel forest
You run, wounds gaping with your sword drawn and bloody
And I fall at your feet, pleading with your sorrow
Licking at your wounds, bitter the taste in my mouth

But, you slice through my pain
Slash after slash-gushing out is this fury
Broken and bruised is my resilience
Bleeding out my loneliness like crumbs from your table.

Waves of regret and longing stinging at my aggression
And I rip open my wounds, begging you to enter
Staring at my tattered flesh, you descend and devour
Teeth bared, numb tongued-this silence is your weapon –

Eating away at the decaying pulp that has become my tattered heart
And I am punch-drunk with this longing, as I beg for your mercy
Bathed clean are your sins-my fear- your absolution
I am raw and wounded, succumbing to your delusions

Pushing me away, you breach my worn defenses
And I have reached this final ending, but my pain is just beginning
Isolation, Desolation... Lost and lonely in your grasp
And all I can do is wander through this carnage called my existence

My last breaths of surrender whispering quietly “Be It Ended”
Blinded by my love, but destroyed by your heart

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