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My Writer's Cramp entry. Enjoy! 744 Words.
Sammy wanted to be a princess. That's it. Was it to much to ask? She didn't even want to be a rich princess. Or a beautiful one. She could be the princess of her backyard, she didn't care. She tried to enforce herself as one, too. Princess of the playground, princess of kickball, princess of tag. Not in a snotty brat way though, more in a silly girl way. In fact, that's what they called her. Silly Sammy, they would say. Their teasing got to her though, and she toned it down by age seven. The dream never went away though. The hope.
On her 9th birthday, her mother got her a book called The Princess and the Frog. As soon as she read it, she fell in love. The very next day, she went out looking for frogs to kiss. And she found them. They were easy to find. And she kissed them. She didn't find it gross. Maybe it was because of her age or maybe it was random magic, but the 9th frog she kissed had transformed. Only problem was, not into a prince. It transformed into a turtle. So, she ke[t on kissing. And every 9th frog kept transforming. They would transform into things like birds or snakes or turtles or some other un-princely, un-lovable animal. The birds weren't as bad, but they flew away.
When she was ten, she got an idea. Maybe the book got it wrong, she thought. Maybe, it was actually the princess and the toad. So she tried kissing toads. But nothing happened. Not on the 9th toad, or 18th, or even the 27th. So, she switched back to frogs.
When she was 15, something amazing happened. She kissed a frog, and it turned into a saint bernard. It was big, slobbery, and hairy. Being naturally nervous, Sammy backed up against a tree. The dog looked at her with a doggy smile and walked toward her. "Whoa, now, stop right there, big guy!" she said reaching out her hands. And he stopped. Unbelievable, she thought. "Sit" she said. And he sat. "Roll over" she said. And he rolled. He then stood up and shook loose the dirt that had gotten stuck to his brown and white coat. Sammy reached out and ruffled his ears. "You may not be a prince, but I guess I can still introduce you to my mom!" she said. And she did. Her mom wasn't exactly thrilled. She wanted to know where the dog came from, and didn't believe the frog to dog story. "Well, it wouldn't be so bad if he was trained she said" she said. Sammy smiled. "Sit" she said. And he sat. "Roll over" she said. And he rolled over. And he almost knocked the table over. "All right, as long as he isn't stolen, and he's that well trained, I don't really see a problem" Sammy's mother conceded. Sammy cheered and wrapped her arms around him. She named him Prince.
The next day when she went on her usual mission for frogs, it didn't work. Not on the 9th, 18th, or 27th. She couldn't figure it out. She tried toads again, but the result was the same. After a month and a half of no transformations, she gave up. She went to school, made more friends, and even got a boyfriend. His name was Thomas. He was on the football team, and she was Student Council Vice President. They were the couple everyone thought would last. He called her his princess.
Then one day, on Sammy's front porch, when she was 18, Thomas broke up with her. For a cheerleader. He tried to console her, but it only made it worse. A low growl suddenly emanated from around the corner of the house. Out stepped Prince. He barked once. Thomas stood up suddenly. Said he had to be somewhere. Prince's lip started to twitch. He barked again. Thomas made a break for his truck. Prince started to go after him, but Sammy told him to stop. He did. Of course. He loped over to her as Thomas pulled out of the driveway. He set his head on her lap as she sobbed. She wiped the tears away as she realized. "Oh, Prince. You always stand by me." She said. "No matter what, you're always there. If you're my prince, does that mean that I'm your princess?" He woofed quietly. She smiled. "Close enough. I'll take it!"
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