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The Princess meets a frog. Sorrow ensues.
Princess lying in her bed, suppressing the urge to cry,
When suddenly, outside her terrace, a frog comes hopping by.
Princess is aghast as frogs are slimy and gross.
The frog stops its hopping and greets the room’s host.

It talks and speaks of charms that were set into place.
It asks for a simple kiss as means of saving its fate.
Princess, of course, is reluctant to make her lips now lock
With that of the slimy frog who has entered without a knock.

He promises that it is no trick, that he is a human being.
Princess further doubts the frog but curiosity piques the scene.
She contemplates the notion that the frog is, in fact, a man
And wonders what kind of villain would devise this ruthless plan.

The frog, without warn, hops high onto the bed
And nestles onto the pillow where Princess rests her head.
She’s less disgusted and wonders just what would happen
If she kissed this little frog and made some magic zap in.

Princess puckers her lips and closes her eyes.
The frog is out of sight and it does surprise
For she opens her eyes and there before her
Is the likes of a slimy, foul lawyer!

Princess shrieks and lets out shouts,
Telling the lawyer he’d better get out.
The lawyer says he will be filing a suit
Of sexual harassment, with molestation to boot.

Princess is left feeling tricked so she cries.
Her father always told her to be wary of lies
That men might tell, be they suave or slimy.
She hurries for a bath, her lips feeling gross and grimy.

Line Count: 28
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