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A piece written to make people aware about the horrible animal cruelty around us everyday.
Most people at my school don’t think I can go through with it. They have kept telling me it will never work and I’m only working for failure.
         I am not writing this piece to prove them wrong. I am writing this piece to let you all know that I do what I put my mind to. If I want to fulfill this dream of mine, I will. No matter what the crowd around me says.

I am just a girl of thirteen years of age. I know that must sound like I can’t do much to help a great cause, but in true fact, if I really wanted too, I could.
         You might be thinking I’m just a kid and could not complete something so great. Yes, I am may look like a child on the outside, but on the inside I have a mind of someone who will finish something I have started and wanted to do my whole life.

My heart reaches out to the all the dogs I see with patches of fur torn off, fear of humans because or their hurtful past or the dogs that sleep outside in the cold all year chained to the ground and only having so much space to move.
         Dogs get skinned alive and cooked as meat just so we can be satisfied. We go on killing dogs just as if they aren’t living creatures that don’t have feelings or a will to live.
         For example, walk past the Moran Market in Korea and glance into the store. Our eyes can see the slaughtering of innocent dogs just so we can eat.
         Children walk by that market everyday and run away in with their hearts harden toward the pain and suffering.
         It isn’t just dogs that go through that kind of horror. All other meats such at beefs, chicken, ham, turkey, bacon, etc.

Having animals turned into meat is not the only way of cruelty toward animals.
         We have the dancing bears where the species go around dancing just for our entertainment. Most people do not know the real, horrible facts behind the scenes.          
         At the age of three to five weeks, little cubs get separated from their mother, who in the end gets killed.
         A WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) report has shown us that sixty to seventy percent of bear cubs that were taken from the wild have died, even before most have reached their destination. This was caused from dehydration, starvation and trauma.
         The bears go on a long journey to wherever they are intended on going. And like I said, most die before arriving.
         The next awful ordeal the bears go through is the piercing of their ultra-sensitive muzzle. The cub is held down by a group of men, while an iron needle is inserted into the crying creature.  A control rope is then shoved into the piercing, which, most of the time, gets infected. When the rope is stuck onto the bear is tugged, and a heavy stick is clapped, the bear is motivated to lift its legs and “dance.”
         Before the cub is almost one-year-old, its incisor and canine teeth are ripped out of their mouths and sold as lucky charms.  As the toothless bear is unable to eat their normal diet, it is limited to lentils and chapattis.
         Approximately 1 200 bears in India go through this terrible act.
         They dance upon their tired, hind legs for up to twelve hours a day. All the tourists throw money at the bear and thinks of it as a great way to entertain them. 

Puppy mills are also a horrible way of killing the dog population.
         They breed the canines too early, and too much. That, in turns, makes the puppies abnormal and may grow up to have difficulties.
         The dogs live their days in small, crammed cages. Rarely would they ever be let out to run and play.

The numbers of animals that are getting tormented are extremely high!
At least five billion of United States tax dollars are put into animal experience each year.          
         Over seventy million animals a year a tutored and killed in United States labs.
         Over ten billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption annually.
         At least half of the ten millions cows are kept for milk in the United States live on factory farms, in conditions that cause tremendous suffering into the animals.
         Close to three million fur-bearing animals are killed each year by trappers in the United States.
         Approximately two million animals are harvested on fur “farms.”
         Every year thousands of animals like elephants, tigers, rhinos and other endangered species are killed by poachers to sell on black markets.
         Up to fifty thousands greyhounds are killed a year when they are no longer profitable for the racing career that most greyhounds grow up to do.
         And the sad reality is that an animal is abused in America every ten seconds.
It’s a real crying shame. Every time I see a neglected animal, I get tears in my eyes. They have done nothing to deserve this. Us humans are just so cruel and want to torment them just so we can laugh at them, something just to let out anger on.
         To whoever is reading this, I certainly hope you do not want this animal cruelty to continue.

I do have a dream. A dream to stop all of this animal torture and cruelty. Some people may think I will never fulfill that. I am young and have limited ways of trying to stop it. But I will find that way.

This whole piece is just an awareness of this act of cruelty. No animal should be put through this just for the sake of us humans.
         Please donate one way or another to help these creatures get out of the act humans inflict upon them.
         Just make it stop once and for all.
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