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by Chazlo
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Edge of Reality Synopsis By – Chazlo (A World of the Unknown)
It was only a dream!
What more could it have been?
If that is so, what caused me to ransack the house?
A few days ago my life was so peaceful.
All I did was take a few days off from work and just decided to lie around the house.
I’ve always had dreams but nothing of what has been going on lately.
Grands told me about it and to expect it, but things like this only happens in the movies.
I am having the kind of dreams that caused chills, cold sweats and sleepless nights on end.
Can’t really recall when everything started getting weird, just that when I became overwhelm with exhaustion and unable to stay wake it all begins once again.
Soon as my eyes shut the reality changed, just as it was told to me it would someday.
The very stories I called dumb, doesn’t seem so dumb now.
Everything that happens to me surely has changed my mind.
Why couldn’t it all just be folk tales and fairy tales and nothing more?
Or is there a reality after we close our eyes?
Could I be going crazy?
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