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Edge of Reality Chapter 1

Something stared down on the woman from the foot of the bed, before it went over to the dresser moving things around in search of something.
         It looked into the mirror, the being became enraged and it picked up a bottle of perfume only to throw it into the mirror.  The mirror shattered, making a loud bursting sound.
         “Damn!” the being said in a boorish voice
The creature was angry, because when it gazed at the mirror and saw no reflection, the creature knew why.  This creature does not have any shred of human essence.
It quickly slipped into the darkness for cover and to observe the woman
“What the . . .?”  Sitting up in the bed half awake and heart pounded from being startled in her sleep
She fumbled around on the table
“Ahh . . . that’s better” She said turning on the lamp.
Glimpsed something from the corner of her eye, she turned to see what it was and to her relief there was nothing there.
The strong aroma stung her senses so hard it woke her.          
She turned off the light and sat on the edge of the bed, totally speechless and shocked
“Dang” she said looking around the room
Broken pieces of mirror on everything and everywhere, it looked like someone had threw glitter around the room.
“What in the world?” she said feeling bewildered
She slid from under the covers carefully and bent over the side of the bed to look for her slippers.  A shadow pass by that she didn’t notice as she reached under the bed.          
         Picking up the slippers to put them on, but sparkles revealed that there were tiny fragments covering them.  The woman threw them to the floor and shouted  “Dang!”
Room suddenly became very cold, causing her to shiver.  She stood up in the bed, griped the comforter tightly and shaking it hard over the side of the bed, before wrapping it around herself. 
“Dang!  What more clothes do I have to put on? God what more does it takes to keep warm?” She said bending over, pulling the pillowcases off the pillows
“A brand-new house they’ve said, yeah right!”
Leaning against the wall while wrapping the pillowcases around her feet tightly.  She hesitated.
         A cold chill went over her body as strange presence was felt in the room.  She straightens up looked around the room, especially at the darken corners of the room and opened closet.    After a few minutes she laughed dismissing the feeling.
“My imagination . . ..”  She said with a giggle continued wrapping the pillowcases around her feet.
         She took a deep breath as she stepped off the bed slowly onto the floor “Huh” she whispered exhaling
She felt every last bit of ridged sharp pieces beneath her feet as she walked over to the dresser. 
“Oh, the same piece” Her eyes focus at a small long piece of mirror that only remained
         The woman and her husband were taking the AC out of the window, when they heard a screeching sound.  Both of them saw it was the mirror splitting down the middle.  Her husband insisted the mirror be thrown out of the house. Regardless of her husband superstitions she kept it anyway, and made the argument to be the temperature in the house caused the strange event.  That was five years ago.
         She stood there just looking at the mirror fragment feeling angry with herself.
“What a mess, wish I had listen, Dang man” She said
         She looked around the room thought to herself, He sure is going to run this one in the ground of I told you so, uhhh.
         The woman felt a strange sensation of needles pricking all over her body, which lasted only a few minutes.
“Man, I don’t feel good” She said, cold chills and hot flashes swept through her whole body     
“Whoa” She gasped
Nauseating pain filled her being, caused light-headiness and seeing spots in front of her eyes.
“Oh, my God, Am having a stroke” She yelled
Filled with panic she covered her mouth as she ran toward the bathroom,  she did not make it as excruciating pain throbbed behind her eyes.  She lost balance and stumbled backwards onto the bed.
         Near tears, closing her eyes and laid-back on the bed afraid to move because of the pain and nausea.
         The being still in the room ran by her into the hall, caused a slight breeze to sweep over her body.
She opened her eyes saw the ceiling fan spinning and thought out loud
“Dang man I turn on the ceiling fan, did I?” 
         It reached in the room tap the fan switch near the door to turn on the ceiling fan as it stood watching her.
“Ok, even up there too, the pieces reached, how weird” she said puzzled
Her attention fixed on a small piece of mirror that remained in the frame.
All at once, she sees a reflection that is not hers.
The reflection shows the shape of someone beside her in bed under the covers.  Slowly she turns her head to look over at the space beside her.
She laughed for thinking the worst
”Dang man, just the huge pillows I, always keep in the bed with me when Charles is not home, looking at too many horror movies” She thought to herself.
She pulled the sheet off the pillows took two of them and threw them on the chair near the bedroom door.  The woman laid on her stomach hugged the pillows to relax, and gather thoughts before the task of cleaning up.
Slowly she dozed off for about a good hour and a half. 
Suddenly she awakens in a frame-of-mind filled with fear that someone was watching her.
“What the h . . .” She said seeing a shadow pass by in the hallway
She reached behind the nightstand, pulled out a crowbar.
She tightened the pillowcases around her feet before sliding out of bed, she crept to the entrance of her room, looked down the hall, saw nothing.
She, tightly gripped the crowbar, looked through the whole house from room to room, and found nothing.
She returned to the bedroom with dustpan, broom, and vacuum.
Began to clean up the mess.
“Well” She said
She turned on the lights to see better, it was getting dark. 
An hour passed as she finished cleaning and placed everything neatly back on the dresser.
“Everything as it should be” she said
She placed the cleaning items in the hall corner near the stairs.
The woman laid in bed on her side as she turned on the TV and looked at the clock, noticed there was a hump in the bed under the covers.
She looked over at the chair where she had placed the huge pillows during cleaning the bed, the pillows where still in the chair.
“OH!  Shh . . .” She yelled
She sat up immediately, and so did it.
It slowly looked over at her as the covers eased from its body.
The woman screamed and gasped for breath as she slid off the bed falling onto her hands and knees, peeping up over the edge of the bed at the being.
“Ouch!” she yelled pushing herself up off the floor
“I did clean up the mess, how, what, huh!”  She thought aloud.
The woman began tasting blood in her mouth as she stood.
“What is this?  The . . . room! ”  Sticking her finger in her mouth and pulled her finger out seeing blood.
“Blood!” She rubbed her tongue around in her mouth feeling grit
Looked over to where she had placed the crowbar, it was gone.
“Owe” she shrieked spitting out a mouth full of blood onto the side of the bed that was filled with tiny fragments of glass
The being and the woman eyes met each other.
Without warning someone or something slapped her face hard caused her mind to be unclear, she could not see clearly the face of who was reaching for her.
“Ware f e, m u n u re e w r ld” The being said repeat over and over again
(Translation>”Beware of I! Me you and you are I! We are blood”)
The beings voice sounded like a crowd talking in union.
The woman slowly begun to see clearly, stunned by the sight, she stepped back.
“Ok, I have no clue of what you are saying” the woman yelled
The being revealed its wide huge wings as it knocked over the lamp, darkness filled the room.
The women saw things being broken and knock over as it kneeled on the bed still reaching for her.
She was in so much shock all she could do was just stare at the creature
“This cannot be happening!”  She yelled
It stepped off the bed and stood before her, the creature still repeating the same words
“What are you saying?” the woman yelled
When it walked closer, she saw the face
“Oh hell, no!  It can’t be” The woman screamed as the being kept getting closer and reaching for her
The mirror fragments sounded like chimes as all of the fragments begun to float in a whirlwind behind the creature
”Erm Ursula ree all!” the creature yelled
*Translation>”Dream Ursula free all”*
Unexpectedly a blinded burst of light illuminated the room for a second. 
She suddenly found herself standing on a mountain top and suddenly back in the room.
“Oh, my God! No!” she yelled
She laid flat on the floor.
“Dang man!” she yelled feeling the sharp mirror fragments sticking her.
She covered her head and slid under the swirling wall to the other side not looking back.
”Erm lker erm lker” The creature said repeatedly, each time louder.
*Translation> “Dream Walker, Dream Walker”*
Reaching the hallway, rolled on her back, she stood up looked around and hoped there was no surprise.
She glanced back seeing the creature and swirling wall coming toward her.  Looked for a way to not be in the path of them, there was none
Quickly she ran to the hall closet pulled out everything and searched for a large thick blanket or anything to shield her body.
“Ah, thank you God!” she said
She wrapped a heavy sleeping bag and an old thick tweed curtain around her whole body.  Took a deep breath, then exhaled as she turned to run down the stairs, but bumped into something that caused her to fall backwards on her back.
The creature stood in her way and the swirling fragments behind the creature, seemed to glisten.
The creature bent over grabbed the woman by the shoulders, raising her up, brought her face-to-face.
Surprisingly the creature changed its appearance to look like her and smiled.
“Oh my God!”  The woman struggled to get free, but the creature grip was like vise-grips.
“Your soul my soul, my soul your soul” the creature said
The creature changed back to its self as it spoke again in the unknown language
“Huh, I understood you” she yelled
The creature spread its wings and flew with her upward crashed through the house
The woman screamed franticly as both of them went upward into the night sky.
“The Lord is my shepherd, hollow be thy name, thy kingdom come, your will be done . . .. “  She prayed
The creature laughed
They hovered over her home as the creature still spoke and pointed downward for her to look.
“What am I supposed to be looking at?” she asked
The creature flew back through the very hole they came out of and it closed behind them.
The creature stared into her eyes with a cold hardness and placed her on the bed, walked away heavily sighing.
Seated there, just looking at the creature as it gradually fades away before her eyes.  She sighed with relief.
“Okay it’s over” She said looking around the room.
         The bedroom looked like nothing even happen.  Even the dresser mirror was intact and nothing wrong with it, everything was as it was suppose to be.
But, Still she felt anxious.
To her something was not right. 
It was too quiet.
“Erm lker!”  The creature yelled
*Translation> “Dream Walker!”*
It caused her to shudder
The creature yelled so loudly the sound of its voice hurt the woman’s ears. She looked up and the creature had reappeared before her.  It kneeled down on the bed in front of her with spread wings surround her like a shield.
She screamed in pain as she covered her ears with her hands.            The swirling wall appeared behind the creature and she screamed even louder as she began to shake nervously.
Terror filled her being as the swirling mirror pieces came toward them.
The woman felt something warm running through her fingers, she slowly brought her hands in front of her face and looked at them.
“Bloo. . . d!” the woman hoarsely said in horror
The swirling pieces went through them with such force, no blood splattered around the room.
In shock from pain and terror, unable to utter a word she looked at herself,
She looked at the creature and cried.
The woman saw bits and pieces of her own body swirling around them.
She closed her eyes expecting and accepting death.                    
The noise of tearing flesh, and then a muffled sound, creature laughed . . .          A few minutes later, there was silence, the creature was gone and no sign of any trouble.
The woman sat in the middle of the bed with the old heavy curtain wrapped tightly around her body.  The sleeping bag neatly lain across her bed as if it was always there.
She wiped her face with the curtain as cold chills causing her to shiver.
Whispering words as she formed a smile on her face.
There were no sign of the creature, no blood or even a sign of something just happen.
The creature was gone and the entire room looked like nothing occurred.
The woman never moved off the bed as she looked at the mirror.  It looked brand new except for the cracked in it. 
She looked at herself in the mirror, with an intense facial expression she began to murmur softly and laughed.
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