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A fun, silly poem in which a child wonders where monsters go on vacation.

There’s a full yellow moon
         In the October sky
Now is the time of year
         When Witches fly!

When Goblins gob
         And Werewolves howl
When Vampires vamp
         And Mummies prowl

When Frankenstein walks
         And Ghost’s say “Boo!”
But after Halloween,
         What do they all do?

And where do they go
         When their special day is done?
Do they simply go to sleep?
         Do they go on vacation?

Do they go to the beach          
         So the Mummy can unwind?
Do they go on treasure hunts
                To see what they can find?

Or is camping in the woods
         A thing they would do
To gather ingredients
         For the Witches brew?

Do they head to the Big Apple
         To see the pretty city lights
So the Vampire won’t get bored
         On his long sleepless nights?

Do they visit drafty castles
         On the dreary British Isles
So the Ghost stays up to date
         On the latest haunting styles?

I just can’t help but wonder
                Oh, how will I ever know
Where all the wonderful
              Spooky, silly monsters go?
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