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Where Essence and the Stones is headed
To: Readers following the story

Be advised that for the reasons shown below it will be necessary to change the scope of the Novel The Essence and the Stones.


1. I have learned a great deal while writing this story and the structure is so deficient that it has gone beyond remedy.

2. The scope of the story has expanded beyond Liope and now includes the other mothers, Lilith, Climatus, Bedelia, Albiana and Martha. Each of these characters is a novel in themselves and I'm having to delete so much, I've decided to take a new appraoch.

3. Since I now know all the aspects of the story it is possible to write an outline of scenes from beginning to end and stay within the scope of that outline. These scenes will have proactive and reactive components and be written in a consistant voice. "She" Thinking will be limited to the protagonist and other characters will be limited to dialogue and description.

4. The rewrite will take each of the mothers, beginning with Bedelia, and do a novella on each. Each of the six novellas will cover the period of their conception, term and delivery.

5. You can pick up on the story at the folder "Bedelia."

6. Any comments at the outset would be greatly appreciated.


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