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When deity meets logic
I gaze you straight in the eyes, pretender of power and creation.
I gaze straight into your so called existance, and seeing nothing but despise and praises of pure interest.
I gaze straight into your justice, and i say that you shall judge none.

Look into the mirror and meet your creator, the puppeteer of your will and destiny, look into the mirror and face the only light that shall unveil your path towards salvation,look into the mirror and and gaze into the abyss of your futur and past and i i guarantee that the abyss will look back. The unknown awaits you, it is neither god or shepherd, it is neither demon nor father, it is neither fear nor worship. Embrace it, make it your own and let it be your motive towards eternity.

I shall never pretend to know deity, but i shall admit knowing man, to whom it is easier to find god than to find himslef, to whom it is easier to be slave than master, to whom it easier to worship than to be worshiped, to whom it is easier to be ignorant than holder of the truth, to whom it is easier to accuse than to assume his own responsabilities, to whom it is easier to pray than to act, to whom it is easier to judge than to tolerate.

You look for your saviour, the one that shall insure that your life has a purpose, that will relieve you on your after life? How dare you let go of your own reality and praise one that might not be there? How dare you use the kindness and charity towards your brother man to buy your salvation? Your saviour and the path towards truth is you, it is each and every one of us, man is your god and humanity is your religion, man is my god and humanity is my religion.

Each and every human being has the right to believe whatever may indulge his fear, but each and every human being has the duty to work towards the supremacy of the human kind, each and every man must mark history with its life, each and every human holds the duty to to push his fellow man towards the next step, each and every human kind has the duty of a shepherd and none shall be sheep, each and every human being has the duty of leading humanity towards the ultimate goal.

Beware of the treachury of individuality, for the man who shall rise above all claiming unicity, and asking for adoration an estimation, the man rising above the light to cast his shadow upon others and pretending to know the true way, and misleading man`s will towards an inevitable cliff straight towards extinction under a mask of rewards , shall be smite down , for the weight of his acts shall be measured in the balance of consience, for he shall be his own judge and humanity shall be his executioner.

Raise above despise and reverance, for the fall of the human kind shall be your own, but its victory shall belong to all of us
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