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A vampire's warning
The Curse

         I feel that I must write something to inform the people of the world about the truth. Due to the Vow of Silence, that forbids any of the blood from revealing our true nature. I must not let anyone view this till my existence has been removed from this world. I have already made the necessary arrangements to have this released to the papers, the moment I am gone. With that said I will start at the beginning.

         It was my nineteenth year on a warm summer’s night about ten centuries ago. I was a young beautiful maiden, with boys following me and tripping over each other to get a moment of my attention. They were all young and immature, I did not even waste my time with them, and I wanted something more. So on that warm night I was walking through a deserted park when out of the shadows there materialized a very distinguished gentleman. This is what I have been searching for, he wined and dined me and then when I was lulled into a false sense of security he bestowed the kiss of death on me.

         That made him my sire and I hate him for giving me this curse. There was always the burning hunger, the constant need to feed. There was power that I had never imagined but the cost of that power disgusted me. I was forced to use those same boys who followed me as my own personal flock to keep me fed. If I exerted my powers I was able to feed without them ever knowing, but if I went too long between feedings I usually killed them. I hated the taste of their blood it made me feel so dirty and the horror I experienced when I caused their death, each time I vowed to myself I would never feed again. Then the hunger would drive me mad till I killed again. I started to feed after I had bedded them so if I did take it too far at least they died happy.

         It went on like that for ten years all the power felt great, but I just could not go on ending the lives of mortals. My whole existence was my sire’s fault, so I started my search for him. Finding him was not hard he was still hunting in the same area where he found me. He welcomed me as his daughter and invited me to hunt with him. He took the lead like he was teaching me his secrets. When he made his kill and was feeding, I made my move by coming up to his side and ripped out his draining him dry. His blood tasted different than a mortals, it infused me with even more power. All his secrets and strength were mine. It felt glorious and for too brief a time I was happy, then the hunger returned. That is when I knew it would never end; I vowed to only feed from others of my kind as I hunted for my sire’s sire. When I had destroyed my sire’s sire I went on to his sire. This went on for over a millennia the constant hunt for the next sire.

         As you read this please do not hate me for being a vampire, I have not tasted mortal blood in centuries, just other vampires. It is a crime for one of the blood to feast on another’s blood but since they made me this way so they deserve to die. In moments my quest will be at its end, for I have finally found the sire of all. Right now I believe he is in reverie and is at his most vulnerable. If I am victorious I am going to see the sun for the first time since I received the kiss, yes it will kill me but that is the only way to rid the world of all this power I have acquired.

         Here is my warning. I have destroyed some of the most powerful vampires in the world, but there are many more out there hiding in the shadows and hunting you and your loved ones. So please be careful because they are there in the shadows, the movement seen just for a second out of the corner of your eye. That is one and he is hunting for blood, maybe your blood.

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